Typical difficult children ... they don't realize the consequences of their actions

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Ter, there are difficult child's like your kiddo and my daughter when she took drugs and my 35 year old eternal difficult child and there are dangerous people who are something beyond just being difficult children. These girls are SCARY. Our difficult children are just rather clueless.

    But, yes, they share the trait of not thinking about the consequences.
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    And of course the school only took it seriously when it looked like they would be the ones in trouble. GRRRRR.
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    I hope those girls get the help they clearly need. At least my generation mostly learned not to tell people if you were going to do anything really stupid or hurt someone. How this generation that posts their every misdeed on social media/youtube/whatever is going to survive I do not know.

    At least the girls did let this plan or idea or brain fart out of the bag and didn't keep it secret until they actually did it. I don't know what on earth would prompt someone to want to kill and to brag about it, but stupidity abounds.

    ESP at the school level. Of course a doctor said they were fine. they or their parents told the doctor they were kidding and of course wuold not do anything - it was just a joke. It was most probably a pediatrician and NOT someone who works with violent kids. The school did NOT protect the threatened children and only took real action when the parents went tot he cops.

    This generation scares me. They have no filter between their thoughts and their social media and they post stupid scary mean dangerous and criminal things online and then are surprised when they get into trouble. It is sad and strange to me.
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    Those were my thoughts, too, Step. Only after the parents of the girls being threatened contacted police did the school do anything of substance. This must have been traumatizing for them.
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    At least the parents took it seriously.
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    It's unfortunate, but in this day and age when a parent sees something like that they have to take it seriously. We've seen too many things happen when a trusted adult saw or heard something and did nothing.