ughhh difficult child 2 isnt sleeping

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by totiredtofight, Mar 2, 2012.

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    I dont know how many nights this has gone unnoticed, when i went to bed at midnight she was still awake in her bed(she was sent to bed at 9 pm) At 4 am we woke up to hearing the toaster pop difficult child 2 was in the kitchen getting toast and nutella. She stayed in the living room for the rest of the morning saying she couldnt go to sleep and she did not want to wake her sister who she shares a room with. She takes 3mg melatonin every night but it doesnt seem to be working .. any ideas ??? we dont see her psychiatrist untill next week, but the baby has to sleep.And psychiatrist doesnt want her taking naps, which she wouldnt do anyways because she spends most of her day outside working on her "snowfort"
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    My concerta sometimes keeps me up, and I have to take something to help me sleep because of that on certain nights. Don't know if that helps!
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    Melatonin didn't work at all for my difficult child 1. The new formulation of Benadryl (after it was pulled off the shelves a few years ago) does seem to help. You might want to give that a try until you see the psychiatrist. Can you put a call in to the psychiatrist explaining how serious this is and that you don't want to wait for your appointment to try SOMETHING?
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    My difficult child is a bit older at 15, but her psychiatrist said she could take 2 tablets of melatonin. (doesn't work for her, that is why she mentioned 2 tabs.) So, is it possible you could give her 6mg? Possible to just put in a nurse call and have them call back with the answer?