not exactly sure where to post this but I am ticked

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    Things have not been going well during Sept with a lot of things. At the beginning of the month Cory claimed he didnt get his check so he didnt have his part of the rent. Normally Cory pays the $400 in rent and then Billy covers all the regular bills on the house. The water and power and some food. We consider the fact that Billy wants expensive internet/cable to be on him because Cory doesnt have a computer and could live with antenna TV. It should be even on them.

    Well this month Billy had to put up his part of the rent at the first of the month and Cory swore he was gonna get things figured out so he would have the money at some point during the month. Never happened. Or at least he told us it never happened.

    Now about a week or so ago, before I got the rental car, Cory called me because he was I could get over there. I told him to call Mandy and have her call me. About 5 minutes later she calls but all she tells me is when and where Kenzie's birthday party were going to be. I then asked her about talking to Cory and she hemmed and hawed. That means she is lying. I point blank asked her to come by my place to take me to the convenience store because I cant walk that far...its just at the end of my road but with all my pain issues being made worse from the wreck I can hardly stand for more than 5 minutes. She had told me she was about 5 mins from me on her way to work. Then she said she would call Cory to see what he needed. I had some phenergan I could let him have because he was throwing up. She never called me back so I called Cory and he told me she told him she didnt have gas to come over to me. Oh I was mad! After all we have done for her. She has lived in my house rent free since she was 17. We went and got her from places time after time and the ONE time I asked her for something she couldnt do it.

    Well I told Tony that I was going to send a certified letter telling her to get her crap out of my house. She is only staying there part time...maybe 2 to 3 days a week however she has all her junk in my house plus she uses it as her address of choice for social services but claims Cory doesnt live there! Unreal. I told both Tony and Billy this so I have no doubt word got back to her that I was mad because about 3 days later all of a sudden she is claiming her life savings had been stolen from her. Supposedly she kept over 3K in her car and someone stole it. I dont believe it for a minute.

    This past weekend was Kenzie's birthday. Cory calls on Friday to make sure his oldest was going to be there. I told him I had her at my house so yes. I really wish we didnt have to take her though. No one does these lavish parties for her. In fact Cory and Mandy didnt get her a darned thing for her birthday this year. They should treat both girls the same. However, lets talk about that was a large cook out at a local park where they supplied all of the food and the bought cake. Decorations they bought at Walmart with Disney Princesses on them. Fancy little things on the tables. It had to cost quite a bit.

    I was mad the whole time I was there. Kenzie is in this bratty stage where everything is NO, I dont wanna. She wouldnt come give me a hug or anything. Then they had this party start very late on a Sunday afternoon...4pm. Cory well knows that we have to take Monkey (oldest girl) home no later than 5:30 tops. He kept saying oh just let her stay till about 7. I told him that was impossible. She has to get up for school at 5:30 am and she needs to get her hair washed on Sunday nights and be in bed no later than 8. Its not him who has to deal with a sleepy child on a school day.

    So I had to insist they hurry up the eating and the cake and Monkey was so upset she had to leave before the presents were opened. She cried the whole way home. She didnt get to see her sister open the present Papa let her pick out for Kenzie. So unfair of these unthinking parents.

    Then Tony was mad at me when he got home late last night because he had to work yesterday and Cory promised to send him home a plate and I was given a plate covered in foil and I never looked inside. It was obviously not what was intended...or I dont think it was, because it looked like a plate of someone's leftovers. Maybe enough to make one sandwich.

    I swear Im not gonna take Monkey to anymore parties. From now on I am just gonna take the two girls up to a play place for their birthdays together.

    I dont get it though. Mandy couldnt have had these big parties as a kid and my kids never did. We couldnt afford it so what we did was let the birthday child pick their favorite meal, cake and ice cream. My dad always sent them a check for twenty bucks and they got to go pick out a present. That was it.
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    Sorry to hear you are having a rough time with the kids. Their actions with the party are definitely immature. Could Cory's money have gone toward the party instead of the rent? Hugs to you.
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    Money had to go somewhere. I dont believe for a second he has gone this whole month with no money. He smokes cigarettes and he has had them and I dont buy them. I know Billy has had to buy more food this month because Cory isnt buying any and someone has to feed that child. I have told Billy that if I were him I would buy a very limited amount of food and eat out one time a day. Maybe keep a jar of pb in his car. If Cory and the baby starve, oh well...that child has two parents.

    Im quite angry with both Cory and Mandy. Like I said, when I had no way to go after being in an accident with a tractor trailer mandy couldnt be bothered to come take me 1/16th of a mile to get a pack of cigarettes. Neither of them came to see if I was okay after the accident. Cory showed up at the house one day about a week after it happened because he was running around with one of his friends and he wanted to get a drink from my fridge along with a bar of soap. When he found me laying in the bed he asked me what was wrong with me...especially as I groaned trying to get to my feet from the bed. I looked at him like he was stupid and said "I was just hit by a mack truck idiot!" He just said oh, thought you would feel better by now. what...a week?

    However tonight, he calls me 4 times telling me his neck is killing him. He wants me to bring him something to help. I dont have anything. I am completely out of muscle relaxers. I told him to use his TENS unit or use hot packs. He said he would be dead by the morning. I offered to take him with me to my chiro appointment. Ya'll know I just dont understand pain right? For heaven's sake I was broken before I got in the accident, now I am in agony but Im not complaining to people who cant do anything about it. I could hear Mandy behind him talking so I told him that if he was that bad why doesnt she just take him to the hospital. Oh, that was too much trouble for her.
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    Sounds like Mandy only does things that work out in Mandy's favor. Also seems the same way with Cory. He can't be bothered to buy food for his child or to check on his mother. As far as the birthday party goes. I would say that the difference in the way the girls are being treated is sad. They are little girls and deserve to be loved and treated the same way. It sounds like Monkey gets the short end of the stick from her parents but she gets her loving from you and Tony. The other child seems to get the opposite.
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    Monkey does get a lot from living with her maternal side so that makes up some but a girl needs to know she is special to her daddy. I think that is very important and Cory did so well with that before the youngest came along. Also Mandy cannot stand monkey's mother so most probably monkey is a reminder that Cory was with her before Mandy. Thats one thing that has always ticked me off. Monkey loves her baby sister and baby sister loves her big sister. Tony and I have tried hard to keep them together. I will be honest and say that I am much more attached to Monkey than I am to any of the other grandchildren but that is because she was the first, she lived with me for most of her first year of life and I only see Jamie's kids maybe twice a year. Its hard to have a strong bond with kids you only see twice a year. Its hard to get close to Kenzie because she pushes you away. Some of that is her age. She has had the terrible two's for at least 18 months and I see no sign they are leaving. She has a very severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and if you dont let her have her way, there is hell to pay.
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    What a shame those girls are stuck in the middle of this. They shouldn't have to pay the price for their parents actions.

    As for the over the top party I would be upset because of the inequality between the two girls parties. There is nothing wrong with the big party but it should be equal. Also they should be spending money they have to blow for stuff like that not the rent money.

    Who knows though it could have been a gift or a recycle. It is getting really common right now to go on things like Craigslist and Bookoo to get recycled party decorations. Especially living on a military base I see a lot of this. We have a lot of upper ranking ladies who go over the top for everything and the other momma's rack up when it gets sold. We also have a lot of lower ranking people who go way over the top with parties and then sell them to get their money back and pay the bills. Seriously some of our neighborhoods look more like daycare streets because there are so many little kids. Apparently we like to breed lots a babies around here? Can anyone say deployment babies? HEHEHEHE
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    Cory's calling you 4 times to tell you about his pain reminds me of my difficult child. He cannot handle pain, a cold, etc. We can all have a cold but his has to be the worst. Calls or texts all the time to see what he should take or do. Luckily, my difficult child is getting better about that though. It is a shame the girls aren't treated equally by Cory.
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    Janet- I can't help but think that Cory may have called you hoping you'd give him your pain medications- needing a fix maybe?

    i remember your post about Cory using heroin and/or cocaine a few months ago. That may be where his money goes.

    Yes the party sounds over the top and I am so sorry that Monkey was so upset. It would break my heart too. I can't help but think that the party was a public show -- overcompensation by Mandy who so often puts herself first over her baby- Know what I mean??
  9. DammitJanet

    DammitJanet Well-Known Member is all for Mandy. Heck, the only two kids over infant age who were there were Cory's! Two other people had babies under 6 months old. There must have been 20 kids Cory and Mandy's ages. Her parents dropped by two...get this...she has three mothers and two fathers! And 2 sisters and 1 brother I had never heard of before!

    If you are going to have a birthday party for a 3 year old, you invite kids.

    I was going to do Monkey's birthday this year at gymnastics but I had been forced to pull her from class about two months before her birthday. It would have been her, her brothers and sisters, and her classmates from the gym. In other!
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    It is such a shame for the littlest one. She is going to have a difficult time in life. At least Monkey has a sense of normalcy at times. Corey doesn't pay his rent because why should he? In his mind, he can still live there and he could care less that Billy has to pay his share too. They think all money is for them to spend on nonsense. They must eat out often if you had to suggest they eat out only once a day. It sounds like the normal way Mandy grew up (just knowing her background).
    She couldn't do anything for you? That is so selfish, there are no words that come close to how lame and scummy she is. But you know where you stand, she is ignorant, let it roll off your back and feel sorry for her. You did nice things for her, don't ever regret being kind. Monkey is going to come out a stronger person in the end, seeing how not to behave because this is what will happen. She may get the short end of the stick but you make up for it and she knows she's loved and cherrshed.
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    I just want to clear up something...I told BILLY to eat out once a day so he wouldnt bring home food for everyone else in the house to eat up while he wasnt home.

    Honestly I am more irritated at Mandy than I even am at Cory. I do believe he didnt get his check this month, however he should have been down there ASAP to figure out what is wrong. He has this problem where he lost his wallet about 8 or so years ago at a gas station and ever since every so often Social Security calls him in because they get flagged that someone is working under his number. At this point I think the number is being used by several people because he would have to be traveling all over the country on a constant basis. And whoever this is, is making some good money. Im talking over 60K some years. They work anywhere from parts of New England to FL, South Dakota, Illinois, OK, New Orleans. All over. Oh and quite a lot in New Mexico and Arizona. He has never been to most of those states. He did go to Boston when he was 14 for the Xmas

    However I dont believe for one minute Mandy had money stolen from her. She couldnt have afforded the party. Not just the decorations but the food. She has never paid a dime to us even when we have asked. She just expected Cory to foot her bills. I have calculated out approximately what she earns taking care of this disabled friend of ours and it comes to about $300 or so after taxes. She also gets a check for Kenzie of $300. She has no car payment, she doesnt have her car insured, (yeah I know), I dont think she pays any rent at this other place she lives though she wont tell anyone where that is. She gets over $1500 back from her Pell Grant every semester to help her with housing and essentials. She gets food stamps for her and Kenzie even though she only physically has her one or two days a week. She considers Cory lucky that she lets him have the WIC vouchers every month. One thing I know she spends money on is pot, along with fancy clothes for her and Kenzie. They both have enough shoes for twenty people.

    She can foot the bill for the rent one month. She makes Cory foot the day care copay every month when the check she gets for Kenzie should go towards that. I wouldnt put up with any of this for two minutes.