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    First, I wanted to say, great shopping cart trick, Marguerite! :) (per past post)

    So, fellas... I did get some news (not the final answer, though!. :p). My doctor called me on Friday to tell me the EEG results were abnormal. He doesn't know if it's exactly seizure activity or not, but...duh duh duuuuuuhhhhhh... he's going to try and get me into the neuro within a week! That's probbly a bad thing if he's rushing, but -hey!- I'll get my results quicker and, hopefully, get some medication. :cheerup:

    I was, officially, ordered not to drive, as well. And he mentioned the spinal tap, once more. Hooray? :dont_know:

    Now, let me tell you... If I had doubts about seizures, before...

    They are GONE.

    I was not expecting to happen to me what happened to me two nights ago. My "husband" was sitting in the recliner looking at the computer and I was leaning on the back of the chair looking, as well.

    All of a sudden, my body freaks out. Shaking, dizzy, nearly collapsing. I ran (aka hobbled, holding onto everything, as fast as possible) to the kitchen to sat down (I try to be in another room as my kids when I get these "episodes"). My body goes somewhat limp...just...weak, uncontrollable. My head drops to the right, eyes go jerky. I can barely keep my eyes open, even, and I just keep shaking and shaking. I always make jokes when my body goes nuts. Not this time. I cried and yelled at my body. I didn't like it because I had no control. Thankfully, it had somewhat subsided by the time difficult child was going to bed and walking by me to get to his room. He didn't mention anything if he noticed it (I'm a pretty good fake smiler, by now). I have no idea how long this lasted. It seemed like forever and "husband" sat and watched me the whole time; just looked. He asked if I needed anything, after a while. I told him, a couple punches in face until I was unconscious and didn't have to deal with this, anymore. (He didn't do it. :faint:)

    This VACUUMED. I'll be on my own with difficult child by 17 March, hence me rushing things a bit. One a good note, difficult child's g-ma will be living right beneath me and, as a backup, the land lord/lady know what's going on, so I can call them (they worry a lot, already, and tell me to wear pants more. Not what you're thinking...I just like to wear skirts, no matter what the temp :temps: :cutie_pie: ).

    So...that's my update. Eh...I'll keep you....updated. :salute:
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    I'm keeping you in my thoughts and hoping the neuro gets to the bottom of your health problems ASAP!!! I'm glad you have difficult child's g-ma and the land lord/lady nearby. WFEN
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    Holding good thoughts for the results of further testing. How scary. Good to hear that you will have help close by.

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    Thank you, guys! You're helping me stay strong. :flowers:
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    Sounds like the doctor wants some answers for you and to exclude anything really nasty as a cause of seizures.

    Had to chuckle about the pants - I'm a skirt wearer too, although in NZ in the snow I sometimes took to wearing a long skirt with thermals on underneath. The skirt I've been wearing for a few days is old, frayed and has a knot at the back where I've tied two frayed bits together - it's not much longer for this world. It's too hot for jeans at the moment.

    Hang in there.