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    When we moved over the summer, we had to transfer from one county MH clinic office to another. At the new office, they assigned difficult child to the counselor who was retiring - and because the therapist was retiring, I don't think she even bothered to crack open the file. She just met with us in a very detached, distracted sort of way...explaining that she would be gathering info for her replacement. Great.

    The office finally got a new therapist last week...and I got in to meet her yesterday.

    O she is WONDERFUL!!!!

    And the first thing she asked was "Why hasn't this child ever been referred to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC)???"

    I told her I was pretty sure it was a funding issue...

    Because this therapist was new, she had no idea how the office referred pts to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) - so she had to check with her supervisor...No surprise to learn that because the new Medicaid funding rules make the referring agency partially responsible for the cost of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) - the county MH agency has stopped doing Residential Treatment Center (RTC) referrals.

    So the therapist suggested that we could wait until difficult child commits a crime against someone outside the family (and hopefully it will be the right sort of crime) to get a Department of Juvenile Justice referral to Residential Treatment Center (RTC)...


    She recommended we go to Family Court and petition for a court-ordered Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement.


    There have been a handful of police reports about difficult child (runaway, threats, minor assault against a family member etc). I have spoken to Department of Juvenile Justice previously, and they told me that there are enough reports on record that the next one should be enough to get an admit/evaluation with their mental health people unless the nature of the crime was very violent (in which case it would be a criminal matter instead of a "Juvenile out of Control" matter.

    I have already inquired at Family Court and there is no "Child in Need of Services" provision in my state.

    There is a "Petition for Incorrigibility" - I think this is what the therapist was referring to.

    Has anyone gone to court for mental health services?

    If so - how does this work?

    Is this the same as surrendering your child to DSS?

    And I guess that part of my confusion is that without an "inciting incident" (like a crime) - just my stacks and stacks of paperwork from County MH, the police, school - would the court really intervene and order this placement (thus putting themselves on the hook for the costs) ? ...or would they just send us back to County MH with the reasoning that if we have been dealing with County MH all this time....and these records indicate the need for placement - then County MH should be making that referral.

    I get the feeling that the "court order" route as recommended by the County therapist is just a game to get the Family Court or DSS to foot the bill.

    What do you think?
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    I'm not sure, Daisy. In our case, in our state, even though difficult child was court ordered to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) we had to pay for it. It was a dual diagnosis facility that we helped pick out with the social worker assigned to our case.
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    That's what I'm thinking....that the court does not just assume the financial burden.

    Was this under Medicaid?
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    In my son's case, I was told that state Department of Juvenile Justice (ie, juvie prison) was the juvnile court's form of Residential Treatment Center (RTC) because it's a "residential treatment facility" for those needing behavior mod. So you see where my son is spending his teen years. Ask around your local jurisdiction before pursuing this.
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    Well, that's kind of why I'm asking here...

    The psychiatric hospital difficult child was in last year told us difficult child needed Residential Treatment Center (RTC) - but they would not refer her because if they were to be "the referring agency" they are on the hook for the bill.

    The therapist feels difficult child needs Residential Treatment Center (RTC) - but (see reason above)

    The Department of Juvenile Justice folks said MH treatment vs incarceration depends upon many circumstances...especially the nature of the crime.

    The therapist says we should petition the court....but since our state does not do CHINS I'm not sure what exactly I am petitioning for.
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    It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdciction. You need to start networking with some parents in your jurisdiction who have difficult child issues like this so you can find out what local juv courts are likely to approve, send a difficult child to, etc.
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    They may not do CHINS but do they do PINS? Person in Need of Supervision?

    Also, I almost got a Residential Treatment Center (RTC) court ordered...well I did get one court ordered but the probation dept never actually followed up on it but I probably should have fought harder. I could have probably held their feet to the fire if I wasnt as sick as I was and had the energy but really, I was practically running on fumes at the time.

    I have one suggestion, ok...Im gonna have to PM you because I cant do names.
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    Yes, do be watchful... In our case, we asked the court and they refused to order it. Even though we had funding...