Update...Finally something is getting better

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by DramaQueenLucy, Apr 20, 2009.

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    difficult child 1 who some of you may remember from this thread has be getting better and I mean better. I held back for a while because I was nervous that if I talked about how well he is doing then he would revert just because I said it.. difficult child 1 hasn't hit anything or been violent in over a month. The lying and debating are both getting better and he wants a job!! Get this....he is even being reasonable with difficult child 2 :surprise: He has made deals with him and followed through with the deal even if difficult child 2 did not! He is working pretty hard with his psychiatric and it seems to be paying off. He has even been working on how to cool his temper...now I am not saying that he doesn't have his moments but he is really working and he hasn't hit anything in over a month....that in itself is amazing coming from the kid that would punch the stone wall at least once a week.
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    Way To Go difficult child 1!

    It is so good to see results after such a long battle. You know, if the results were instant and no more problems, you would have to wonder if they were real or not. It does sound like your difficult child 1 is putting the work into improving his life. It will take time because there are years and years of habits to break. He is doing great and this really is getting better. I can tell because it is steady and sure.
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    Thank you! He has been working 2 times each week with his doctor and I have tried to re-direct with good results. It seems that he is finally over the hurdle....or he took me at my word that if he didn't work on his issues then he was going to out the door at 18 whatever it is.....new doctor or me finally hitting the right buttons or the therapy group I don't care and am not going to stop any of them....not taking any chances. Just enjoying being with him now :D
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    What a great update! Congratulations to difficult child on his progress :)
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    WOW Colleen, that is AWESOME!!! I am so glad he is getting better. Whatever caused the improvement, I would not stop any of the things you have him doing.

    does he know what kind of job he wants? Or just any kind of first job? I think jobs can do so much to help our kids. Wiz has a job and is doing very well at it. I hear nice things about him every time I go to that grocery store. It sure has improved his language and how he treats people in general.

    I hope your difficult child can find a job with-o too much problems. I know my nephew started at Walmart at 16. He was a stocker at first, then did other things as needed, then moved to man the cell phone booth when they had a separate one. He did so well selling cell phones that AT&T hired him. He now is the manager over 5 AT&T stores while he goes to college and is not yet 25!! There still are opportunities for kids who want to work, so I hope he finds something he really likes.

    How is your younger son doing? And how are YOU??? PM me if you want to chat.


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    He is just looking for a first job but doesn't want fast food...I don't blame him for that. There is a new strip mall close that is starting to open up stores, he is applying at them. He really wants to work at Marshells because he likes the clothes they have there....lol

    Susie I will send ya a pm...
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    Great news. Keep on hangin' in there and take it one day at a time. :peaceful: