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    Jana is still injured and on crutches. She is frustrated and bored and would rather be training. She was told today that instead of a stress fracture she has a possible torn Achilles tendon---ouch! I researched that--and it doesn't look promising. Her knee is not good either. She says that she is now bone on bone. I don't think they'll do replacement on an 18 year old!!!

    She is waiting to find out if they will allow her to do PTRP---Physical Therapy Rehab Program. She said it will be easier than "trying to re-enlist." (What??!!) If accepted she could be there as long as 6 months. If not she will be medically discharged. She would rather go to PTRP and at least try to heal and go back to basic!!

    I wrote her last week that I was sorry that she was having such a disappointing experience. In her letter today she stated that it has not been a disappointing experience except for the injury. She "likes" the army, the structure, the discipline. She said she has lived a life that she would have never had a chance to see. She also said she has stories and memories that will last a life-time.

    That's my girl. GI Jana, Warrior Princess!
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    I'm so sorry Jana was injured. Sounds like she's found her niche. I know you're worried with her in there, but I'm proud of her for not giving up due to her injury.

    My nephew messed up his knee about 2 yrs ago. (he's Army too, career) We thought that would be IT for him. I mean, what can you do with a messed up knee, right? And he doesn't have all that long til retirement. We expected a medical discharge, he expected a medical discharge but didn't want one.

    But instead they gave him the option of having the knee replaced. He's not as young as Jana. He's in his 30's, but still is quite young for replacement. Physical therapy they tried first. But they did the surgery and he worked a desk job while recovering. Turned out quite well. He's all healed now and training troops for combat. He most likely will never see combat again. I doubt he's all upset about that, he's already done several tours. But he will get to retire when the time comes and can still enjoy his career.

    I hope the therapy works for her. That is very painful.

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    Wow, she's quite the optimistic, upbeat person! Way To Go!
    So sorry about her injury. Sigh.
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    Wonderful news that your daughter is such a forward thinking, optimistic person. I hope that she can heal and continue on. She will find success in whatever she does because she brings it with her in her attitude. She is a glass half full kind of girl. :bravo:

    If I had been born at a different time, the military life would have suited me. Maybe not the war part but the structure appeals to my sense of order. I am cheering your daughter on as part of my living vicariously through the next generation of smart interesting women.

    My husband ruptured his Achilles tendon playing basketball. He was in his 30's. He can still run and do whatever but it does take time to rehabilitate.

    Thanks for the update.
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    I hope she heals well and is keeping in shape as much as possible throughout htis. She really does have a great attitude and the military is lucky to have her!

    Hugs to both of you!
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    Really have to embrace the young people that don't see the glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full - just a glass that's been filled.


    gosh I'm relieved - I so thought I was going to have to go there and kick some DS bootie. :laugh:
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    Fran, I have to chuckle about the war thing. "I'd go into the military, but not the war part." Ummm...hello? :tongue:

    Heck, yeah. I'd join the military, but now I'm too old. I also don't do war, so that would be a problem. Excuse me, sir...but I'd like to enlist for everything other than war. Is that a problem? In this current day, he'd sit there blinking at me.

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    I hope she heals quickly! I love her positive attitude!