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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by toughlovin, Jan 7, 2016.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Well tomorrow it looks like my son will move from the residential program to a sober living......and he will start an IOP on Monday. I have to say my son has been figuring this out without a lot of help from the residential program and he seems to be making some good choices. He has not been impressed with the residential program and did not want to do their IOP because of that. So he did some research and found an IOP that does a lot more therapeutic work trying to understand the underlying issues which he thinks he needs. I agree. I talked to them also and they sound good. So then he was looking for a sober living, and did not like a couple he saw, and a 3rd one he was referred to he found out from talking to people has had several people using there so he did not want to go there. So he finally decided his best bet was the sober living associated with the residential program he is in. He can go there but do a different IOP. I talked to them as well and it sounds like they believe that the steps is the only way to recovery and you don't really need therapy! So I agree that is probably not the best IOP for him..... So he is a bit worried they will pressure him to do their IOP but so far he is being clear that he is going to do this other one. So I do think at the moment he is making some good choices, has done some good research which is good. But of course we will just have to see..... I am really hoping that this time he really makes forward progress....but I am not counting on anything.

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    That's awesome. We have always said the only way our addicts will get clean is when/if they choose to. It sounds like he is ready to do it and hopefully for good!
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    Hi TL, this sounds so good, I am glad your son is taking steps towards recovery. Hoping with all my heart he continues on the upswing. That would be fabulous...best wishes, mahalo for the update. Good news is wonderful to read.
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    I think it makes a world of difference when they are the ones figuring out their sobriety and they are the ones responsible for their treatment. My daughter is SO proud that she paid for her treatment on her own. She is also very aware of what her triggers are and is honest with us about what they are. I also think it is dire to get to the root of WHY they use, not just following the steps. I am really hoping your son gets it together and I think he will. :)
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    Thanks for the update TL. I know he does not like the step programs. Hopefully he will find something there that he can work with. It is encouraging that he is doing this on his own.
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    Well its not totally on his own....we are still helping him financially.....but he is the one figuring it out....and thanks everyone. PG I think back to how crazy and awful things were for your daughter for awhile and it gives me hope.