Update: I've Emerged.........


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I have done the W.M. letter and it is in the hands of the Judges
secretary this morning. It's hard to pop out from under the
very comfortable pillow retreat and put on the Warrior Mom outfit
and frame of mind... :bravo:...I did it!

Court is tomorrow and I will not be in attendance as husband is going
out of town and when you use a PD you never know where on the docket your case will be placed. When you hire a private attorney you get the top of the docket. (That's a little tidbit
that one learns hanging around the Courthouse.)

I've spent many days composing, editing, trying to explain but
trying to be brief. Will it help my son? I have no idea. I am
confident that it represents the best I can do to advocate for the appropriate placement.

Chances are great that they will just do a continuance tomorrow
but whether a decision is made tomorrow or next month, I will
be grateful for spare prayers.

As always, just knowing that you all are here makes a lot of unbearable stresses, bearable. Thanks. DDD


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good for you for still mustering up some spirit of hope and help for your grandson, God speed your efforts.

I have been thinking seriously lately of hanging my hat of advocacy for ant. in every way. including not taking his calls. I refuse to help find one more avenue, one more program, one more anything for him.

I have reached my limit on him.


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You have my prayers for your son. I wish there was more we could do but it sounds like you are doing everything You can. You are such a good mamma.

Hang in there,


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You have done your best, as usual. I have to believe, but then again sometimes I am a little nieve, that a judge would have to listen to you and consider what you know would be best to help difficult child.

I am sending many prayers your way.


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Your boundless energy never ceases to amaze me, DDD. You've definitely gotten your money's worth out of that warrior suit. :warrior: My hat is off to you, my friend.

Sending good thoughts and hugs,


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I'm startin' my body crossin' :smile:

Hoping and praying that the judge is a reasonable man and will truly take into consideration your fine judgment and assessment of the situation. :thumb: