Update on difficult child-Dad

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    His skin rash biopsy came back negative for MRSA, but apparently his doctor is going to continue treating him as if it were positive. No doubt the extreme swelling in his legs keeps him at risk for infection anyway.

    Unfortunately, the oral anitbiotic he was rx'd (Mom still doesn't remember... starts with an R...) makes his stomach hurt a lot and nauseaous. So he declared that he would not take ANY of his medications until his stomach felt better (so no more of his potassium or diuretics or ANYTHING).

    My mom is just rolling her eyes at his dramatics, but as tempting as it was to just sit back and watch him throw out the baby and bathwater, so to speak, she did call his doctor to let them know about the side effects and his decision to stop all medications.

    Mom was just hoping they'd admit him and give him the IV antibiotics again, but I guess the doctor is just going to change the oral medication and see what happens.

    I told her what Lisa (?) said about Medicaid covering medical help in the home, but she said she already knew that, and that he hadn't been mean to her in a while and that she could handle things for now. Maybe the gravity of his illness has finally humbled the SOB. And maybe Mom's finding her voice and backbone again. :tongue:

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and advice. It's nice to be able to come here and share some of the craziness of Life!
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    Thanks for the update on your dad. It sounds like things are settling down and your mom seems to have it under control a bit. That's good.
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    What a difficult child!
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    Hey -

    THanks for the update - was thinking about a steriod ointment for the rash??? DF has a script he uses for psoriasis but I swear it cures everything rashy on skin - even on the dog - (not kidding) the vet said that she prescribes it for her "upper crust" patients and was VERY surprised we were putting it sparingly on the dog (not because we're cheap) but because it's a sterioid.

    If you think it will help I'll go look up the name. It is odorless and is the only thing that has ever helped his psoriasis - that and making SURE he uses ONLY Dove sensitive liquid soap.

    I can see the look on your Moms face now. (peel him a grape) Yup -