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So...M's out of control "manic" like behavior started Thursday night (after his last dose of Tenex was Thursday morning)...it continued all weekend...Friday included jumping all over the furniture, non-stop movement, speed-talking, exaggerated fake laughter, not being able to go to sleep because he was "too hyper" and roaming around the house and banging on the walls until he fell asleep at 10 PM; Saturday included him being hyped up, going to a birthday party where his rambunctious behavior ended up injuring himself and at least one other child, in a swimming pool (where he is not a strong swimmer) he was pushing rafts out into the deeper water and jumping onto them (out of character), and when he came home, he bolted into the street to stop the icecream man; Sunday he was still hyped up, we went to dinner at the in-laws and he was more emotionally fragile...put himself in 2 timeouts, stuck his finger in a fan to stop the fanblade!, refused to eat his favorite dinner, etc.

Monday morning at 9 am I called the psychiatrist's office when they opened and left a message about our weekend and have STILL not received a return call. :frown: Apparently the psychiatrist does not feel this warrants any concern.

M has calmed since the initial onset of the behaviors...we're seeing less speed talking, a reduction in the fake laugher (though it picks up CONSIDERABLY when his friends come over in the afternoon), and he's able to sit still for longer periods of time, but he'll still burst into fits of running around the house, stomping his feet, and repeating behaviors you've told him repeatedly not to do imediately after you've told him to stop (he'll say he forgot). He keeps flipping upside down on the couch, his brain is going in 6,000 directions...he asks me one question and even if I say yes, he asks me a different question...he's driving me crazy!


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Not sure if this is in another post, but did you reduce the Tenex dosage for a few days? This is not one to stop cold turkey. Also, did he always get it in the AM?


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Oh girl...........this psychiatrist would have maxed my patience by now. To me this constitutes emergency like intervention. Can psychiatrist be paged? Can the receptionist be persuaded to tie the man down and dial the number for him? Something? I mean, your little boy is not in his right mind, and something is wrong, and he really needs help! :mad:


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busywend- No...Tenex was stopped cold turkey- psychiatrist INSISTED M wasn't on it long enough for it to be a problem (he started it in begining to mid June). He used to take the Tenex in AM and PM...was on .5 mg BID and then was upped to 1 mg BID for 2 1/2 weeks, when we had an increase in irritability, emotionaly irregularity, and a couple violent rages, which was reason for diagnosis'ing the Tenex.

WW- he seems to be calming as the days go by, so I suppose it's not *that* bad...but it does seriously irk me that the psychiatrist hasn't called me back. Ugh, this man drives me nutz. I mean, even if he were to call me and say he wasn't going to do anything about it and see ya at your scheduled appointment in another week...FINE...but at least call me back!!!!! I'm so impatient...I waited the weekend to call him because I didn't want to bother him seeing as M was being safe (other than jumping into the deep end of the pool, bolting into the street, and sticking his finger into a fan LOL!)...but COME ON!


egads I remember difficult child II when he was like that but he was also violent to boot, so sorry, I pray things calm down soon for you.


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Wednesday and the psychiatrists office FINALLY calls back at noon. They were going to see M this afternoon, but C has his own appointment with the therapist in another town, so instead M has an appointment tomorrow. I was tempted, since I've waited this long and M has calmed now, to just wait until our scheduled appointment next week, but feared what the weekend might bring so I took the appointment tomorrow.

Now I'm afriad of what medication changes might come tomorrow....

The receptionist was talking of putting M BACK on a small dose of Tenex???!!!?? Was this her personal opinion or did the psychiatrist say this?

Will the psychiatrist start to switch out the Seroquel for Abilify?

Will he start to wean M off of the Celexa?

Ack! I'm scared. The "manic" episode seems to have passed. M isn't as extreme as he was...he's back to "normal" M (which don't get me wrong, it isn't perfect...but It's not so out of control). Maybe I should have waited to see what this weekend would bring? I'm so torn. Can I go back to bed?


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been there done that with the psychiatrist's not calling back!!! Then you feel like maybe you are overreacting!!! But you are not. They should give you the courtesy of a quick call back or e-mail.
Even if he is stable I would go and just talk to psychiatrist, make sure he has all info of how M was acting... I would let psychiatrist know that you really would like to avoid seeing that side of your son again!!!
I always throw in the " I feel so bad for K because I know it can't be good for her, either, cognatively or emotionally, to be in this state" Which I really feel, but I think saying it put's the focus on our kids and not on the nuerotic parent, which they make us feel like at times!!! Especially when you have called a dozen times and are slightly "angry"... which you have a right to be!!!

Good luck...