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I haven't updated on Matt in quite a while. It has been incredibly 8 months already since he moved across the country to live with his girlfriend and give a shot at learning life as an adult on his own.

He continues to do so well and I'm so very proud of him. We laughed (yes LAUGHED!!) in a call the other day about antics that he pulled in years past that had our loves upside down. I never thought we would laugh at the dark years yet here we are. It was such a feeling of letting go. Such a feeling of He Made It. It is actually ok to no longer fear for him or plain fear him.

He and his girlfriend are doing great in their relationship. I suspect he is waiting until after s/o and I are married to propose. They compliment each other and he fits into her family well. He is becoming quite a cook and a handyman. The two of them worked hard and had a new deck built on their house, replaced most of the older windows as well as furnishing the house to their liking.

He gets frustrated with some work politics yet enjoys the job. Before he would have lost it on his boss, with good reason actually. Instead he says he has a mortgage to pay so he has to tolerate the bad with the good. Yup. The same kid who Had no goals now is so focused and mature.

The largest change the move brought was his social shell has been discarded. I worried all through high school that he would be a hermit. Instead he has even very involved with his girlfriend's family and he has made tons of male friends at work and away from work. Tonight he is playing men's league basketball. A few times a week he plays or watches sports with guys from work and hosts them at his house.

He continues to text me daily and more days than not he also calls. We share several hours long calls per week. I have dialed him twice as I leave timing up to him as to not be a nag or worry wart. I can't express how it warns me to have him reach out so often to ensure our bond remains despite the distance.

This week we are giving him his Christmas gift. Late due to his work schedule but not soon enough for this mama who wants to squeeze him and jig him and make him his favorite meal and just drink him in. We will be paying his flight home for a week or so. He should arrive the evening of Jan 22. He spent maybe a week total sleeping out of the house through high school so 8 months feels like forever. I am so excited. We all are.

S/O saw me crying as I investIgated flights online last night . Happy tears. He surprised me with the news that as a valentine slash mothers day gift he is sending easy child out on a flight to see Matt for easy child's march break. I feel lighter. I need this together time with Matt although I am grateful he made the move for his sake. Seeing him thrive and embrace the world and people and life is enough to make the missing him a bit easier.

I have no clue still how he turned out do balanced from the mixed up boy/child he was. I just know that every day I send my gratitude out to the universe.



Such good news and so heartened to read that you have your relationship back on track...gives me so much hope :)

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Such a great update. And it IS nice when you can finally talk about and laugh at some of the antics of the dark years.

As for how he turned out so well, he had you and husband in his corner. :)


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Oh M, I had to giggle over you referring to those dark years as "antics". smile.
I'm not quite there with my difficult child's even though my oldest is experiencing growth and personal success. Those years wore me out and left me forever changed...hopefully for the better.

So glad you and your Matt stay in close contact.
I know you will enjoy your in person visit with your Matt.

Hugs and happy for you,


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I'm so very happy for you! It's so wonderful to see our kids happy and functioning in society.