Update on my son


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Well, we got him out of the hospital last sunday and he started in their partial day program (with school) the next day. By Tuesday, the psychiatrist was calling us to pick him up ???? He had a meltdown that required 6 people to restrain him and the doctor said they couldn't handle him there...you know your kid has problems when the mental hospital kicks him out eh? Poor kid.

Anyway, husband picks him up and we spend the rest of the day thinking "What the hell do we do now?" doctor's recommendation was to start Cymbalta and see what happens. Historically, antidepressants FREAK this kid out (serious aggression, almost like a psychotic break) so we are a few days into it and I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. He's actually been doing fairly well since he's been home, but I'm just worried because the last time we tried an antidepressant, he did fine for a week and then all hell broke loose.

I called the school to say that he was no longer attending the school at the hospital and they told us that he would need to come back to school or we would risk having charges filed against us for not sending him to school. I called our lawyer and he had us call to request homebound instruction. difficult child's doctor sent them the paperwork they needed and we have an ARD scheduled to discuss homebound instruction. It pissed me off because the educational diagnostician told my husband TWICE "Well, Mr. X, you DO know that you can bring T to school in the meantime; we have a program in place for him, etc" He told her "No thanks" and she mentioned it again. Then when she talked to me, she tried the same thing. You and I both know her motivation was to get him in school so that they could then say "We are meeting his needs just fine, the parents brought him back so there is no need for homebound instruction." NOT going to happen!

We are still trying to get a lawyer for the criminal aspect (remember he struck his aide who then pressed charges?" The Special Education attorney has recommended one, but he's been in trial for the past week.

In the meantime, we have started to look at some schools for T. There is one in MA, and two in FL that cater to deaf children with emotional and behvioral diagnoses. I just don't know at this point if its anything we can follow through on because of the pending criminal matter. We are willing to relocate, but our insurance won't pay for residential but both schools will allow him to go to their charter school if we live in the district. I just think he may need residential placement at least initially.

Does anyone know what insurance will pay for residential care? Does Medicaid cover it or does it depend on the state you live in? Do they only cover short stays? We may be able to get SSI/Medicaid for him now that I've had to go part time, but its going to be a pain because we are so close to the cutoff. I may have some months where I make more than the cutoff and lose the medicaid for that month.


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Does anyone know what insurance will pay for residential care? Does Medicaid cover it or does it depend on the state you live in? Do they only cover short stays?

call your insurance carrier and ask these questions. plans differ from place to place.

hope things get better for ya.


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Just wanted you to know I am sending hugs your way. I wish I had advice, but I have none. Being a fellow Texan, we are one of the worst states in terms of city or state mental health services.......moving may be in your best interest. Unfortunately I know nothing about the social services you mentioned, but I can only relate to the horrible episodes you are dealing with - particularly the psychiatric hospital calling to come pick him up. Good Grief!!! The same thing happened to me!!! I was not only flabbergasted - but floored. What did they think I was going to do with him??? and how could I make things better if they could not??? Anyhow.....
PM if you want, on what resources I do know in Dallas Texas, if you are interested.


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Check with your insurance company. Ours does pay for residential, but you need to go through several levels of what was tried first to prove you need it. School districts will also pay for residential if you can get them to agree or prove that it is the best placement, and that they cannot provide the services that your child needs. You can also check with your state's mental health agency and see if Medicaid would cover it in your state.

My son did homebound for awhile, and it worked out well. He did it on a computer with an interactive approach with a teacher who talked to the students....but this method would not work well for your son. They did have all the assignments and books on the site for doing homework.

Good luck in finding answers. It sounds like a very difficult situation.