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Betsy went into surgery as scheduled yesterday morning. I let the vet know she was sick and her symptoms since Mon afternoon. (although thurs nite and yesterday morning she was fine) They said they'd check her out while she was there.

I called to see if she was ready for pick up at 3pm. Nope. She still was way too groggy from the anesthetic. Try at 4 or 5 pm. So at 5pm husband and I go and pick her up. (this is husband's buddy dog) Vet tech said Betsy was still awfully groggy. That she was having some trouble shaking off the anesthetic. Not uncommon they said in labs. And she was in alot of pain. Not uncommon in bassets. (she's lab and basset)

Betsy comes out on her feet, but looking about as pityful as you can get. I wouldn't leave without getting her something for pain. Poor baby looks like she's really hurting. (her momma had the same trouble) Brought her home. She's had small amounts of water and half a slice of cheese as a reward for taking her pain medication for me. I waited til almost midnite to give it to her since she seemed to still be groggy from surgery.

Older dog Molly was thrilled to death to have her home. Hovered over her protectively. Paced and worried. lmao Now this is the dog who gets annoyed at Betsy so often cuz Betsy always wants to snuggle or play. Molly won't doggie play in the house because there isn't enough room.

Vet didn't act too surprised when I mentioned Betsy got sick after the frontline application. But I noticed while we were waiting for her to be brought out that the Revolution I got for the cats is also for dogs. And I'm wondering why the vet didn't just give them all the Revolution? And I'm wondering if Betsy would react to it like the frontline? (if that's what it was)

Then when I go to put one of the cats out tonite I see she's got some weird reddish spot on the inside of her hind leg. Not and open sore, but it's definately not normal. :hammer:

Good Grief! The Vet is gonna love me this month. *sigh* I paid out over a hundred to get Molly situated from the fleas (her antibiotics and allergy medications), then getting Betsy fixed and her Rabies shot ect, and now the darn cat. :rolleyes:

Oh, and why is it you always tend to forget just how bad you pet feels right after they get spayed or neutered til you go thru it again with another pet?


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Lisa, I know what you mean about how difficult it is when we see our fuzzbutts in pain. When Molly was spayed she was like a drunken sailor for 3 days from the anesthesia. She has big round eyes and would lean against the wall (because if she wasn't leaning on something she would fall over) and look at you with that soulful expression. Just too dear.

When Chelsea had surgery last year on her hind knee her incision went from her hip to her ankle. She was in incredible pain and the doctor wouldn't give me stronger pain medications. For three days she moaned. I'd never heard a dog moan before. A long, low, mournful moan. So for three days I stayed home and lay on the floor next to her, stroking her, and moaning, too. It simply broke my heart. Thankfully, after several months recuperation, she is now doing well but I would never put another honey through that again.



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Lisa, my little Boston, Ragan, was just spayed last Tuesday, and she bounced back really quick, so hopefully yours will too. They gave her pain medications right after the surgery, and gave me four more doses in little syringes to squirt into her mouth the next four mornings. Some kind of brown stuff ... "Previcox", it says.

When I brought her home she could walk but was really loopy and trembling. I put her in her crate and she napped for several hours. When she woke up she was walking around but I could tell she was in pain. She would walk in tiny little baby steps and her eyes were squinted like she was hurting. She wouldn't eat and didn't do more than stick her tongue in the water bowl. Mostly, she just slept that first day. I gave her the pain medications the next morning. By that afternoon she was pretty much back to her normal little ol' self again but still didn't feel like eating much. I haven't given her any more of the pain medications since that first morning because she didn't act like she needed them. She's been running all over the house and bouncing around like she always did. She's still picky about what she eats though and her stomach has been a little upset. All in all, it's just the first day or so that are rough for them. One thing that tickled me ... the stuff her sewed her up with is hot pink! He gave Ragan HOT PINK stitches! Very appropriate for her! The little boy dogs probably get blue stitches when they have surgery!


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Wow, Suz, here we go again with our weird parallel lives. Abby, my Shih Tzu, had a horrible time with being spayed. She laid around and would hardly try to walk because it hurt so much. It broke my heart.

Then, when she was about two years old, the vet recommended knee surgery on both of her back legs. I mentioned to the vet what a hard time Abby had with the spaying operation and she said that this operation would be much more painful than that one. So, I talked to two other vets to get their opinion and each differed on whether it was a necessary operation. I decided against having it done.

So far she is almost ten and having no problems with her back legs. After hearing your story, I'm glad that I decided against putting her in that kind of pain.

It hurts to see an animal in pain ~ specially one that is part of the family.

Lisa, I hope that you pup is up and around quickly.



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WOW, Kathy. Yes we do seem to have parallel lives! Send me your email address and I'll send you a picture of Chelsea after her operation. I promise you Abby will be even more grateful that you didn't opt for this surgery.



When Sarge (aka difficult child Dog) had to have his tail amputated he was so pitiful. Not only was he in pain, he had an E-Collar on. He was on pain medications and they seemed to make him a bit loopy which just added to his anxiety.

He wouldn't sit for the first 4 hours after he came home. I finally got him to lie down by lying on the floor with him, but he would keep moving with a lot of heavy sighing and whining. He wouldn't stay in one place for more than a few minutes

I finally got up on the couch and lied down on my side. He climbed on the couch and stretched out completely on top of me. His head with the big ole E-Collar around it was resting on the side of my head. And he finally slept. Having a 70 pound dog stretched out on top of you isn't comfortable, but the poor thing just needed some mothering and I needed some sleep. To top it off, we'd only had him a week. He probably was wondering what he got himself into! Comes to a new home and we tortue him!!! Poor thing. I slept downstairs with him for 2 or 3 nights until he felt well enough to jump up onto my bed - my bed is pretty high.

Now he seems to be suffering from chronic ear infections. I always know when they're bothering him cause he shakes his head and comes to me whining and lays his head in my lap. Fortunately, the vet has seen him for them a couple times and now I can just pick the medications up without having to bring him in and pay for an office visit. Honest, I don't seek out high maintenance animals. They just seem to find me. All of my pets are high maintenance. Except for the bunny. But she's still a baby. Give her time. :wink: