Update on the homefront.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by everywoman, Jun 18, 2009.

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    difficult child is doing reasonably well. The job he took, against out advice, is not everything he was promised, so he is looking for something else. He is to see someone tomorrow and it looks promising. He is still living with my gfgbiomom but stops by several times a week to raid a cupboard (with permission) and calls at least once a day to check in.

    PCson and family are doing great. JJ is now 3. We will go to his birthday party on Saturday. He and daughter in law were working on a FD project this week and she learned not to leave craft paint where he can get to it. He painted lovely "'nowmens" all over the wall :)----Little Miss Violet is growing. I can't wait to get to hold her this weekend and just sit and rock.

    PCdaughter is doing great. She is being a rock at work, opening and closing and running the insurance office by herself. She is still seeing the nice young man she had a date with earlier this week. Tonight they went to a fish fry at his boss's house. Looks like this might be a keeper. I know I really like him.

    My newest child- A--(well, she's almost 21) is fitting in nicely. Jana showed her what clothes she can borrow and she has been taking advantage of Jana's extensive wardrobe. She has an appointment. with WIA at the employment office tomorrow, and an interview with a local fast food rest. on Monday. We got the SC driver's handbook, and she is studying and looking forward to getting her permit.
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    Awesome update! Sounds like everyone is doing good. Best wishes for the new job prospect for difficult child and it seems your need addition is adapting easily and fitting in. I think it's great that the girls are sharing clothes etc. It will help her immensly to have someone to show her whats cool, how to fit in, etc. Confidence building for her new adventures!
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    Great update! Couldn't ask for better, right now, right? Things are smooth.
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    shhhhhhh! No jinx, no jinx!!!!

    Sounds like there aren't enough "o's" in smoothe!

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    See what happens when you roar little lion?


    Glad to hear it!
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    And burying the troll didn't hurt either.