Update on the Zyprexa problem


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Before I tell the story of our office visit, The new Dr. gave me a coupon for 1-month FREE Abilify. Not the same, but better than nothing. He said, lets get through this month and we'll see what we can do next month. Good News....yeah, finally someone working with me. Happy Dance... :princess:

Now about the visit with difficult child's new Psychiatrist. The hospital failed to send ANY records on difficult child, and he saw that I had 2 HUGE binders of records, and asked if I had anything from the hospital. I opened one of the binders up, and said, "they're indexed, read what you need". The first thing he said & kept saying is, "this is unbelievable!!!!". "Man the system is realy broken!!" He asked why we're seeing him now, when difficult child got out 1/6/07? I said to ask his people. They said this is your first available appointment. Once again, "UNBELIEVABLE!!" Then I go and tell him that difficult child went from Acute, to a Residential Treatment Center (RTC), and back to Acute, and then dumped out here to me with NO services in place and NO schooling in place with a functional IEP, NOTHING. (I think we all know what the dr is about to say....."UNBELIEVABLE"!)

Well during our ENTIRE visit difficult child was at his worst. Truly, I haven't seen him this bad since the Intake visit at the hospital. difficult child regressed to a toddler, about 1-2 yrs old. I told the dr. that the hospital observed that when he's under stress difficult child reverts to the age of a toddler. They didn't explain how or why, but that's what they saw. difficult child then used the excuse twice about having to use the restroom, just to leave the room. Then he turned non-verbal (like he use to) and only made sounds. Mostly "ughhh" to answer any questions from the dr. He was TOTALLY out of control, nonverbal, non-communicive, aggressive, trying to leave the room (to where we moved part of the couch to keep him in the room), rummaging through the dr's desk (when he wasn't looking), opening up all different games and toys & moving up to another (absolutely ZERO attention span), taking off his boots, kicked me once, tried to bite me, and hit me with a pillow. (The last three I'm certain was to test the dr to see what he'd do. The dr. agreed with me). I was constantly moving trying to hold him down, block him from leaving, stop him from moving the couch (which is now blocking the door), picking up game pieces, stopping him from taking pictures off the wall, stopping him from pocketing some type of toy he liked, trying to keep him dressed, etc, etc, etc. At one point the dr. asked me why I'm there, and I almost started to cry (but held back the tears, but the dr. could see), and I pointed at difficult child and said "THIS IS WHY!!". I think he had to ask that, even though it was totally obvious why we were there. At one point when we got to the point of moving the couch to block the door, he then picked up his cell phone and called his other office and asked for a "Case Worker". He said YOU need a Crisis Case Worker NOW, not out patient counseling. He spoke to someone there, and we have an appointment TODAY in three hours. They asked if we had Medicaid, and I said "I'm trying but I'm always turned down". He said they'd also help with that. He talked to her about home services and other stuff I really didn't hear because I was dealing with difficult child. At the end of the hour, I then ask the obvous question, "So, what's your diagnosis?" He said, "Well you have your hands full. But I think with our help, and training, proper medications he can grow up to be a functioning educated person. He's a good looking boy, he has abilities, we just have to help him so that he can get back into school. There's alot of hope. That my most oppitimistic view point." Then the dr. walked us out, canceled all difficult child's appointments with the out patient counselor and said I was transfering to his other practice which is crisis oriented. Oh, when we walked out of the building, difficult child completely turned back into a 7 yr old. The most bizzar thing I've ever seen.

[<span style="color: #3366FF"><span style="color: #3366FF">OMG Ya'll, I'm in tears. I can't believe that someone actually is looking at this and doing something to help. Instead of running the other way.</span> </span>Everyone else seems either terrified by difficult child and his disabilities, and figure "why try?", or they just don't seem to care and want to sweep him under the rug out of sight. I'm so glad it's lunch time, and the office is empty. I don't want to have to explain that my tears are due to "hope", and not dispair, for the first time in a long time.


I am sooo happy for you!! You need someone in your corner , after your school district has failed you and everything else you have been through! Great news! Let us know how the Case Worker helps !


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<span style="color: #663366"> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style='font-size: 14pt'> ....& they are going to insist that the school provide him with-an education, right??

i'm glad the psychiatrist sees what's really going on here & is being very proactive.

</span> </span> </span>


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Went to the Crisis Case Mgt appointment, and difficult child went with me. I have NO idea what I was thinking. I could have left him at the sitter, while I did this meeting, but NOOOO I took him with me. OMG, he went in fine, and turned into another child right before her eyes. I then told her that toward the end, when we walk out he'll be 7 yrs old again. Well I was right. She was in shock. Everything I wrote above, he did in her office AND because I started to ignore him so I could answer the questions. Well he upped the anty, and started the F'g B, etc. I explained that with me, if "I" ignore him he will up the anty every time. Well needless to say, she was shocked and said she "has never seen anything like this".

Moving on. She's going to help me with Medicaid (no more of this crap, we need more info. they have the info.), I asked her to look into what schools have the self contained Special Education room (since no one answers me, and it must be a National Secret), she's going to be in charge with setting up our appointments with the new dr (above), and any other services we need. She first wants talk to my Medicaid case worker, and tell her "enough all ready", and try to get us on it so difficult child can have more services available to him.

OOOOOOOH.....when I went into her office, the first thing I said was, "if there's a charge for this I can't pay it!!!" She told me no, the doctor (above) move me to this practice because they can get funding through what's called a "Medicaid Flex Fund". So all of this is no charge to us..........THANK YOU LORD!!!! If and when we get on Medicaid, then they can bill under that. But until then there's a fund they're tapping into.

WOW, the new doctor didn't have to move us into his other practice, I would never have known, but he did. I even told my new Case Worker that I was amazed by our new doctor, and she said that out of all their doctors he is awsome.

Well, there you have it. Today I actually feel like we accomplished something. And it's all due to the graciousness of a new doctor who moved us to a practice that I didn't even know was there. G-d was truly watching over us today. I hope the good luck, and good help doesn't stop. It does seem like when I think we've turned the corner, we've actually gone down the hill.

Fingers crossed, light some candles, rattle them beads. :thumb:


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Oh I hope the good news lasts for you!!! You have been working so hard. Take a deep breath and relax for a minute...

There is hope for the medical community!!!


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Totoro, I'm actually relaxing with a drink for the first time in a while.... :smile:

I love this little smilie, and the espresso one, too!!