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    rin slept thru night got up this moring i figured ok business as usual let's try adn get her into bldg. at school, heart rate was at comfy 110 i felt confident this was fine.

    anyway get on train and yup took alot to get her in again and did i mention it was pouring out.....LOL......get first phone call from nurse saying its up to 115 i said ok tha'Tourette's Syndrome fine dont' be nervous i could hear her voice i said if you could just monitor it thru day.

    then ten minutes later second call jen it's up to 120 teacher and i have spoken pls. come get her we're not comfortable with this she is very nervous. i get off train stand for forty minutes waiting for train back in rain jump in truck call dr on way winds up he's in wading river today very far away from us.

    get her from school go up to doctors get lost in process and loose control of truck rain out here today is very very bad visibility was null.

    we get there heart rate is lowering again, doctor writes up an entire thing about what's safe wha'Tourette's Syndrome not now he's on board also so when nurse has issue she can call him and he'll walk her thru it.

    i'm lucky to have him he's a great doctor. the pysch doctor that i still am waiting for call back from haven' theard from him. so what i did was called previous pyschiatrist who i liked but wasn't experienced enough with BiPolar (BP) yet is good with teh other stuff asked him if he'd come back on board again, then confirmed columbia testing.

    so now we're home i'm getting sick now too but dont' have energy to go to dr. for me she's bouncing off walls literally. i had doctor call in chlonidine so that i can get her down at end of day.

    anyway that was my day. ii have 26 more days of this till i can get to columbia. i know i keep looking at it like it'll be the moment of truth but at least i'm sure i'll get more answers. someone her peditrician mentioned a few drugs she may need depakote with another one yet both him nad i dont want to do anything till the pysch doctor decides to return my call.

    thanks for listening
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    funny thing is i wanted to keep her home today, i felt i should after night we had but all that kept ringing in my ears was the school pyschologist saying everytime you keep her home you push her one step further down the ladder so to speak academically socially so i always get her in regardless of how long it takes me. guess i should of listened to my mommy voice instead today...........oh well can't always do the rite thing.funny thing is the school acts as though i pull her out everytime she says ooh i want mom so not true i took her out twice due to her passing out from the abilify she had low blood sugar and fell asleep on lunchroom table and passed out in nurses' office.........i'm not listening to school staff anymore i've decided i'm kinda done with them and their shove her in school philosophy......
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    I have to say that the really meaningful mistakes I made as a parent were made when I followed someone else's advice and not my instincts.

    I am sorry school gave you so much grief, check out what the laws for attendance, what accomodations can be made through IEP, etc.... and then do what your instincts say.

    Many of us have been through the instinct thing. It is really really hard when you keep getting advice from one place and another.

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    yup i'm going on instincts from now on, the school pushes so hard and they make me feel guilty all the time. i have enough going on don't need their guilt issues ontop of me.

    it's all a learning process i guess. it takes time to truly get this, meaning how to handle it all. i used to look at doctors like they were "godlike" and now after being here and reading alot i'm slowly learning their not and to take what i need out of it and leave the rest and to try and use my judgement.

    it's been helpful.