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    My difficult child has had 3 sons, ages 5,3 and 18 months.
    easy child was given to me at 3 months to look after until difficult child could get her act together. That hasn't happened in 14 years! Baby #2 was neglected by Bio-idiot and left in the hands of felons for weeks while difficult child went on a drug binge. Baby #3 was neglected before he was born as bio-idiot used drugs while pregnant. Right now we are waiting to find out if the county is going to terminate her parental rights. If they do with the 2 youngest, it will mean nothing to us as easy child is not under any official neglect case anymore and we will still have to deal with difficult child. Right now difficult child has a criminal record and a stay away order against her. I have no idea where she is and I don't care. We are fighting for our easy child. We want to adopt him! there is much more to this story. I will update as I can. I am really glad to hear from you guys. A lot has happened, but I thought of you all often. I will have to give you a little at a time, I am mothering a 5 year old after all....lol. talk to you soon. Melissa
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    Sorry about your dtr. I wondered about you all last season when american idol was on...lol. Im sure you watched.

    Cory has two daughters now. Keyana was the one who was born right after your oldest grandson and McKenzie was born in September. He/we had Keyana with us every weekend up until this past August when her mother moved to MO with her army husband. That has been so hard on all of us. Now Cory is a fulltime daddy with the newest one.
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    You have a lot of your plate. I'm sorry to find out that nothing has changed, really, with difficult child.

    Update as you can.
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    Am so sorry she still has not gotten her act together Melissa. Those poor last two babies :( sigh

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    You certainly have your hands full.

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    Oh Melissa,
    I am so sorry to hear about how things have turned out for your daughter. I always identified with her "no dad" issues when you used to be on the Board. How sad for the two youngest boys.

    I sure hope you get to adopt your easy child son. He must be a bright spot in your life.
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    Melissa---Oh my---I'm glad to see an update from you, but sad that difficult child is still not doing what she needs to do! I was raised by my grandparents and I thank God everyday that they were in my life---God bless you all!
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    As you know, Melissa, I completely understand. I don't know what paperwork you have to protect your five year old from parental input but we got a Durable Power of Attorney which allowed us to make all medical, school etc. decisions in lieu of trying adoption. Truthfully we were afraid that the biodad would go for custody and were not prepared to let him go anywhere unless we knew he would be safe. We ended up with the second son for eight years before his GFGmom took him back. The last baby we just refused to get attached to because we knew it would be beyond us. Two of my children did offer to adopt and raise the younger two children but GFGmom avowed "no way I am going to give up MY children".

    GFGmom has had a much bigger influence on the two older boys than I would have anticipated. She has undermined the basic living values that we tried so hard to instill. Sigh! It's such an ugly quandry. You know that I wish you the very, very best. It is my belief that the influence and stability given in the early years does get rooted into the children's heart and eventually wills out. At least we hope so. Hugs DDD
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    Hi Melissa,

    It's good to see you again but I'm sorry it had to be under these circumstances.


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    I sure did

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    Thanks Kathy, me too