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    Hi everyone!! Not sure where everyone is located but here in the NW it is cold cold cold.... Hoep you are all staying warm! Well, I havent been on all weekend because the snow knocked our internet out, fun!! I just wanted to give an update to you. R's psychiatrist has given us some tentative results..Major depression, anxiety and trust issues. We are working with the school to do a 504 plan for him at school, so that may alliviate some stress. At least I hope. The dr has also upped his medication citalopram to 40mg/day. Things are going ok so far..but the minute I say that I will wish I bite my tongue!!! We went to court for his ticket he got the other day for chew in his backpack. The fine was going to be $225 if he plead guilty, sooooo we plead non guilty and set a time to talk to the prosecutor to explain the situation (that it wasnt his, his friend put it in there and he forgot it there) anyway, the other boys mom is having him write a letter explaining that it isnt R's. This is at the suggestion of the clerk so we go do this on Jan 6th/I told R..there goes his xmas presents!

    Well, I hope everyone is doing well and staying warm and safe.
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    Hi!! Yes, I hear it is pretty cold out there! It's 38 deg here and I'm cold!

    I'm glad you are hanging in there- in spite of the lagal glitch. Is there any way you can push for an IEP instead of the 504? It offers a little more protection for your difficult child.

    It sounds like you're getting somewhere with a diagnosis- that's good! I hope you can keep your internet up and running and stay warm for the holidays!!
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    I have no idea on the 504 vs iep. What is the difference?? Any info on that would be great!! R has another appointment on Friday so I hope we get some more details on his possible diagnosis. Yeah, it is sooo cold..like 8 degrees.... not fun at all!!
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    Hi! Sending support and hugs.

    I don't know much about either but what I understand is the IEP is a stronger documentation. Teachers are under more pressure to adhere to an IEP. Someone will explain it better soon.

    Good idea to use the Christmas present scenario. Kids look forward to gifts at Christmas and if their actions prevents purchasing what you planned to then they need to know.
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    504's will allow some accommodations, but they don't hold the sd accountable for actually providing everything needed- I'm not explaining this very well- sorry. Anyway, I suggest going ahead with the 504 meeting but give them a request in writing for an iep. If they say you don't need it, I'd put it in anyway. If you post about this on the Special Education section, they can help better than I can.

    The IEP also awards more protection to your difficult child- things like limiting suspensions from school without making educational provisions, under most circumstances, and things like that.