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    I'm still around---just not a lot of time to post. I'm working a lot trying to keep up with the bills---that's the negative part about being single---learning to adjust to one income, but I'm doing it!

    difficult child is doing well. He is still working and trying to get his life on track. It will take a while because he has placed so many obstacles in his track. He has been dating the same girl for a year, and she seems to be good for and to him. I don't see him a lot---but he messages me and tells me he loves me and occasionally asks for financial help---which I can't give and he seems to understand.

    PCson and daughter in law and kids are looking to buy a house in the city they live in about 120 miles from me. They seem to be doing well.

    Little Princess Jana is doing well. She is not taking classes this term because of the Topomax they put her on for migraines. She recently bought a new car (after totaling hers by running into mine!) She is working and looking for a 2nd job. She has spent the summer dating various young men and has not wanted to get serious. Her latest, however, may be a different story---we'll see. She will be 21 the 1st and is planning a big night out with all the girls (mom included!)

    I'm doing well. Finally got my car back after 7 weeks. The top is not working and no one in my little town can fix it, so I have to make an appointment. in the city soon to get it fixed. Broken arm is beginning to heal, but it still hurts irritatingly. I am seeing an old high school friend--and having a ball---he is funny--makes me laugh---which is what I need right now. We hang out with the same crowd we hung out with in school 30 years ago---so every weekend is filled with cookouts and football and laughter and dancing.
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    Sounds wonderful! (Other than the broken arm...) Good for you for getting on with your life! :)
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    Great update! I have thought of you many times! Glad to see you are well.
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    Sheesh, didn't know you were in an accident with ?Jena? that broke your arm. Hope you heal quickly.
    Sounds like life is working out pretty well or you are in a peaceful place. Enjoy the fun of reconnecting with your hs friends.