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    So we had a bit of a scare Saturday night, difficult child had been sick with a URI for a few days when his breathing suddenly declined Saturday evening prompting a trip to the ER at 8:30pm. Which long story short, led to him being admitted at 2:30am for having O2 sats < 83%. Again long story short, we were seen on the floor by another pediatrician in our pediatrician's practice whom we've never seen before. In reviewing history, he had some concerns about things that HAVE NOT been looked into further regarding difficult child's psychiatric issues. Namely, the allergy, intolerance and digestive aspects that may or may not play into behavior issues. So we now also have appointments for an upper GI, lower bowel, and more allergy testing. He also did a blood test for celiac, Crohn's and IBD.

    I now have to have a dedicated notebook to keep all these appointments organized and the information pertaining to each one handy. It's strange to me that 'holistic' care is coming to us in such piecemeal fashion, but hopefully it all gets us somewhere better than where we are right now... :hangin:
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    Have you tried keeping a food and behavior diary, too? Some have found that helpful. I tried with Kiddo but I'm bad about keeping up things like that and wasn't carrying it everywhere we went, etc. I have found she does better with more of this and less of that, etc.
    Hope they come up with some answers that are useful and help!
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    Glad he is o.k. and that they are doing more complete testing!
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    Keep us posted. Got a couple of families here on the board with GFGers who also have crohn's including me.

    Be happy to offer advice on preparing and getting through the GI testing. Your difficult child will not be happy for a bit but it's good that these things are being ruled out.

    Feel free to PM me about that stuff. While there's a wide and diverse group here, I don't think most folks want to read about doing a bowel prep in great detail. :doctor:

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    I would encourage you to look into the gluten intolerance and behavior link even if his celiac test is negative.

    My daughter, B, had mild stomach problems until she was 8. She was tested several times for celiac and they were all negative. We have a family history of celiac so I kept coming back to that idea. Finally, I had her tested for gluten intolerance with an alternative test and she was positive for that and milk. Eliminating those foods got rid of her stomach problems.

    If one person has gluten intolerance/celiac, it is recommended that you test the family. We discovered that my daughter, A, and I have it, too.

    Putting A on the gluten free diet changed her from a difficult child into a regular kid. She didn't even have any digestive issues.

    It also made me much more relaxed and easy-going. I had been irritated and stressed out all the time and just thought I had a stressful life and irritating people around me. There was some truth to that, but getting rid of gluten gave me a feeling of inner calm even when all that chaos was going on around me.
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    Day before yesterday I tuned into the tale end of a PBS program. It was about autism-however,I was very interested in the doctors talking about how closely the brain and gut are connected. My difficult child has digestive issues since young and the mental issues since puberty. I have often felt it was all connected. But they are now looking at just how connected-I'm glad you are getting a more wholistic look at your child. Hugs