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    Hi All

    I always say I'm going to be on here consistently, but it never seems to happen. difficult child was recently hospitalized due to out of control behaviors...again...:(. He is now home for about three weeks and the meltdowns have been less severe and less frequent, which I'm thankful for. School problems are still there, though. I hooked up with an Lawyer for Council for Children's Rights who has helped tremendously. The only reason I met her was she was the lawyer for another child's IEP meeting when she witnessed my son being put in handcuffs and thought it was so inappropriate that she saw my son and handed him her card. in my humble opinion, nothing less than Divine Intervention. We had an IEP meeting - he is now back to having an IEP and is in two resource classes. He refuses to go to his two inclusion classes, though, because he is afraid of some of the kids. So I take him in after his first class and that can't keep happening. Now I'm requesting another IEP meeting to try and get his primary category changed from OHI to Autism. Meanwhile, we are always walking on eggshells at home because I'm realizing that the next logical step is probably going to have to be residential for a period of time, which absolutely breaks my heart but he can't continue to go into the hospital. When he gets upset over the littlest thing or even something he perceives is happening its the same old pattern of screaming like he's being murdered, throwing things, putting holes in doors and walls. I'm feeling the weight of all of this today and I'm depressed. Thanks for being there...:)
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    What is he on for medications? Some Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)/Aspie kids need an AP for a while, to help tone down the extreme edges
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    Hey...I'm really sorry. You're doing the right thing, trying to get his IEP changed to his particular needs. Poor kid is probably getting bullied in the mainstream classes. I have serious conflicting thoughts on mainstreaming kids with special needs. If the school doesn't teach the mainstream kids about different disorders that cause certain behaviors and also stress sensitivity and go ultra-hard on bullying those with special needs...I'm not sure it teaches our differently wired kids much, other than that they are isolated and people are mean. What a mess!

    I don't have any real answers, but you know that we all empathize here. We know you are stressed and I hope you try hard to get some "me" time so that you can relax just a little, even if it's only a short period of time.
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    I'm really sorry to hear things are so rocky now, but am glad you found what sounds to be an excellent advocate. I hope things improve for your son.
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    STRESSED - How are things going? Any luck getting the category changed to Autism?

    I can totally relate to this: