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if this is full of typo's I apologize left handed typing is really hard. sorry I'VE neglected the forum for so long, I miss you all. I Came back to soon around a month ago, you would laugh if saw my new casst haven't seem my thumb in a month and can shine light down to see fingers not black but an inch down to reach them to scratch lol.

so in march was changing tire when drunk slammed into my van, new van nicer but thats for when can type more. get any unteathered flying objects out of your cars all that camping stuff... hatchet thru the seat yep clean your cars

just wanted to let you know we are all still alive over here, though had a couple real close calls. no new kittens so far, knock wood.

ummm, angel shaved a cat a couple weeks ago, 2 days later youngest swallowed a hand full of pills going for big sleep; but she replaced idiot who broke her heart and is alive so its all good now.

I am getting SW at crisis center fired or moved to no contact with patients duty becuse any idiot who tells a 17 yo who came with 1.8 lithium level from the er with documented suicide attempt and says I Don't believe you and discharges needs a different job. my 17yo never prescribed lithium ever in her life... she od'd on lithium and seroguel. sisters medications not hers... the amount she had acccess to she was cry for help not trying to kill herself or she would be dead. at least my opinion but kid needed inpatient counceling didnt even get booklet about suicide bad. All that and she didn't get psychiatrist and doesn't see hers till 6/2 so fun fun suicide watch the home game over here fun NOT NOT NOT, her therapist offered to see her but working with 20 visits a year so holding off for now on that want to see psychiatrist first we got 14 visits left for the year. 13 after monday.

know now why cooling off for handgun permit... i went from mother grizzly bear, to want her head on a spike to want her fired to let her empty garbage and water plants in like corse of a week LOL. that sw lucky my kid didn't go to school and finsih the job or I would be sitting in prison about now... like rip her head off and s... in her dying chest time Know what I mean??

anyway still here we're all alive, anyway i am here lurking but alive and wishing for a longer chop stick cause wow my wrist is itching and cant reach from either direction but life is good.