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    Hi everyone and thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post. It is a relief to know I am not the only one going through this. Currently difficult child is living with his biodad and all is going okay. Haven't talked to him since Christmas. The court papers state he is not to have contact with husband or any of his family members which of course is me. It was a generalized paper I don't think they realized that would include his mother. Anyway we are following the rules. Court date is set for Jan 22. I recently found out that he is enrolling in the alternative education. I am really happy for that. You know it just frustates me. He does everything and acts like a role model child when he stays at his dad's. Why can't he do that for me. I am the one who has been there his whole life not his father. I know the reasoning behind all that, however as his mom its just not fair. Of course I know he is better over there staying out of trouble. But I miss him and the little ones miss him. Even husband has been missing him. I know in time. Its just all one big waiting game. I just really hope that being with his dad he can finish school and grow up and mainly stay off the pot.
    Thanks for reading.
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    So sorry that you are not to have contact with your son :frown: It seems so unfair that he will behave better for his dad than you but maybe its because its a newer situation and he's honeymooning? All I hear from my difficult child is how she wants to live with her dad. He has no desire to have her live with him and barely returns her phone calls. Same with his mom(her grandmother)...she never calls difficult child. But, who are her favorite people in the world? Yup..dad and grandma...the ones who are the least involved and don't really want any part of being involved. Its a "grass is greener" thing for some kids I guess. I hope all goes well with court and that you will be able to eventually have contact and a smoother relationship with your ds.
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    I'm so sorry. It sounds as if your heart is breaking, but you have a sense of hope for a better outcome for your son. The "honeymooning" is all too familiar with me (difficult child all the time) & may be a possibility or maybe he's giving it a try with Dad for a fresh start. I hope during your "wait it out" period you will see positive results all around! You are the one that has been there for him all along & he loves YOU for that!!!!!