USB Battery charger!!!

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    I occasionally like to post sale items that I think might interest some of y'all.

    Today's deal comes to you via . They used to be my fave deal-a-day site, but a few months ago added a "regular" store to their daily offering. Since then the prices have not been great on the regular items and the daily deals are not always wonderful.

    Today they have a pretty cool deal though!!

    They are offering a battery charger with 2 AA NiMh batteries for $6.99. The part I especially like is that this charger plugs into a USB port, not an outlet. If your house is like mine, it is a lot easier to keep track of the computers than the wall outlets. That is why this is my fave deal today.

    Ah, and shipping is FREE!!! Usually shipping is $5 or $6, so that makes this an extra good deal! There is a limit of 5 units, so you can get each computer one and get an extra to keep in that stash of gifts you keep on hand for the unexpected birthday party, etc...

    As my kids get older I find that rechargeable batteries make increasingly popular gifts for their friends. A few parents have even sent me notes thanking me because the charger and batteries helped cut down their battery bills, so this truly is a welcome gift for kids of all ages!

    Anyway, check out today if you are interested!