Valentines Day


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That is some intense lying. I agree, sounds like Borderline traits. (((Hugs))) Crazy over the top frustrating.

Lying bugs the heck out of me..doubly so if it’s for no reason.

I have a frenemy that does this at times. I think her reason might be jealousy. I don't know. I’m glad it’s not worse. But even a mild-moderate case is annoying as heck.She also plays games. I’m too old for this. And have too much crxp going on. Recently I’ve decided to keep her at a distance. Big time distance.

Speaking of a mild-moderate case of this lying business..our daughter is like this. But not for “no reason.” It usually means she is trying to pull something off. Sigh. She is clearly bipolar and I strongly suspect has other issues too.

The recent horrendous experience with her has changed me. It’s still not “cooked yet,” but I’m getting there and I think it will be for the better. :)

Recently my long term frenemy pulled one of her stupid games with me and then sent a stupid text about it. I simply didn’t answer it. Often I felt sorry for her and played along. Omg. Very rarely did I question her or call her on lies or games. That absolutely won’t be the case anymore and I suspect she knows it. I just won’t participate. I’m done with BS. Talk to the hand.

I called daughter out on her lies and I think it helped a tiny bit. But she is unwell and it doesn’t have the impact one would think it should or could. I’m glad it wasn’t worse. She hesitates…especially with me. But…is certainly capable. I don’t think she does much crazy lying.

We have a relative that tends to engage in secrecy or lying when she is embarrassed for herself or close family members. Still dont care for it. I wish she could find the “sweet spot” and say something somewhat neutral but provide a general loose idea of what’s going on without any details. I don't know.

As you might be able to tell…this is a sore spot fir me.

Related side note: A friend has an adopted daughter that lied all the time and engaged in the “crazy lying.” Super frustrating. She was eventually diagnosis’d with Borderline Personality Disorder. Daughter is an adult now. They speak, but on a very limited basis. It’s sad.

Soooo happy you bought that coat!!!! :)

Consider the FA support group if you have one locally. They also do on-line. (((Hugs)))
Hi Nomad, What is FA support? My daughter and I went to bipolar support that was headed up by a woman that had bipolar. It was the best support. It was good solid support and it gave me strength to not talk to my daughter for 3 months. The lying frustrates me to the point it is harming my health. I am glad you are not communicating with your ex friend. Sometimes the bipolar/borderline person can be so charming and you feel lucky to have their friendship and then they turn into a nightmare.


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FA is an interesting and helpful group I discovered that uses the 12 Step program. It is primarily for parents of adult children who are behaving irrationally… and most are there because their child is abusing drugs or alcohol. Most seem to be there fir that reason. Substance abuse. However, they also welcome parents of adult children who are mentally ill and who are behaving irrationally…who do not seem to have any decent handle on their condition. Interestingly, many of the drug abusers act very similarly to the mentally ill.