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    Alright, I know its been a while since I've logged on, but trying to do everything seems to have gotten into the way of online time. For that I do apologize.

    Anywho, difficult child 2 just turned 3. I was so excited! It meant he could go to the NP and get checked out and we could get him into the same therapies as difficult child 1 and get him back on track.... NOPE. Stupid NP has recently changed their policy to only accepting kids age 5 and older. That will not help me get him on track. It's only going to make him worse. So now I have to go through and start calling the next major city (5 hour drive one way) to see who is available, and when they can get him in, IF they take 3 year olds... and husband.... If I don't smack him before this is through, it'll be a miracle. husband... his response, well I guess he doesn't need to be seen by a NP then.... GRRRRRrr makes me so damn angry! Course he also doesn't believe difficult child 1 has an issue, so WHY would I expect ANY support with difficult child 2??!?!?!?!? I mean, difficult child 1 is doing great. He's catching up, not acting out so bad, etc. BUT that WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED UNLESS I GOT HIM THE HELP THAT HE NEEDED!!!! and husband still doesn't think that there IS a problem!!!!

    So it's up to me again. Plus I have to get difficult child 1's IEP changed for the upcoming school year, and I now have a friend offering me some GREAT advice. She has a 15 yr old with AD/HD and he's not on any medication and doing well. So at least I can complain to you guys and my friend if need be. Just sucks that husband won't be there...

    So end of vent for now. At least until the next complaint comes up. Of which, I'm sure there will be plenty if this is just starting out this way, and this is the way it's going....
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    Glad you at least checked in, even if it was just to vent (have at it by the way). husband isn't going to believe there is/was a problem with difficult child 1 because the worst of it was when he was gone, am I right? Now that you've fixed everything, he has NO CLUE what it was really like because what he's seeing with his own eyes is NOTHING like you repeatedly described when he was gone. As for difficult child 2, can you simply ask your pediatrician for referrals to the services? Is there a reason you have to go through the neuropsychologist (assuming that's what NP stands for)? I guess I'm not sure how military health benefits work so I might just be talking out my backside, Know what I mean??

    I hope that you are finding some time for yourself in there somewhere. I would hate for you to lose YOU somewhere along the line.
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    DHs tend to think they are just kids being kids. Very common. Sorry u have to find another way to get help for the little one.
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    I need the NP and the diagnosis to be able to get the referrals for the necessary services. I did try to go around that, and had his pediatrician put in for speech therapy and what not, just to have tricare deny them, saying there was insufficient proof that the services were needed. I did find another one willing to take him in the same city as the last one, so we'll see how it goes. Just managed to get lucky that this other one would take him. That's the good news.

    And you're right. husband wasn't here. Plus difficult child 1 has always done better with dad here. He doesn't show that side much to daddy. Just me it seems.

    ~sigh~ having one of those disappointing days it seems. I'm just tired of playing nice, and would really love an alcoholic beverage. Which I can't because of my heart condition. So... here's hoping I get some rest tonight, something sells so I have more money, and that the kids are behaved well enough until husband gets home from work.