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    Wow-interesting and yest I did tear up.
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    That was very intersting.
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    Yes, the state of healthy living and food resources on our planet is very unbalanced.

    On my limited income, I come in at $70.00 a week for groceries for 1 adult woman of "a certain age" and 1 19 year old. No pre packaged or processed food and few snack items.
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    Thanks for posting this. A very eye opening look at how unbalanced and unfair our world is when it comes to something as basic as being able to afford food... It is so sad!!! WFEN
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    But it does prove that even the family that was shown with the most vegetables, and very little snack food still had 2 children that were obese. Makes you wonder -
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    I'd have to compare myself with Italy, but wish I could be like Egypt. I could totally live on that. I should go there and get some pointers. Thanks for posting the article! :D

    Yay! I found the smilies!!!