Very Scary Day


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I had an awful day yesterday. I woke up feeling off and after an hour or so started shaking like I was cold but I wasn't. Then got sick to my stomach and stayed that way. By 3 I was really miserable and then it got to where I couldn't talk. I had J call my dad at 430 because I realized I couldn't talk, my chest and left arm HURT and it felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Of course I was still sick to my stomach and medications wouldn't stay down.

The ER did lots of tests once they finally could get an IV in (took over an hour, 3 people and 7 tries!) and get blood from another vein because the IV wouldn't let blood out, just stuff in IF I kept my arm straight. They also did an EKG and chest xray. Of course they sent me home just after I started barfing again. I was sick all the way home and for a solid 90 min after I got home. This was after the shot of phenergan they gave me before they sent me home.

I did NOT have a heart attack to the best of their ability to tell. They couldn't figure out if I had a virus or not, and the doctor didn't impress me (their docs usually do, this guy couldn't remember what he had asked or what he was doing when he came into the room) but the nurses were awesome.

The whole chest pain/can't breathe feeling is something I hope to never feel again. I am going to try to sleep a bit today and to NOT go through that again. I hope y'all had a MUCH better day!


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Oh my goodness Susie! Rest, but get an appointment ASAP with your regular doctor! Many healing prayers for you today.

New Leaf

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That is so scary Susie. Really bizarre symptoms. I hope you are feeling better and do follow up with your regular doctor. There are some strange viruses going round. Take care, praying for your recovery.

Tanya M

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That is really scary!! I'm glad you got to the ER and that you did not have a heart attack. I hope you are feeling better.
Gentle Hugs!!

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Prayers for comfort and peace for you, Susie.

Now that you are home and safely recovering, have you been able to put the pieces together about why this happened?

How awful for you and for your family.