Visit update...


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Well just got back from visit with my difficult child. It actually went very well. (SHOCKED) He still has questions to which i have no answers. i told him to stop asking because basically I was leaving if he continued. He was fine with that. We talked about this and that. But of course it all led back to him coming home and when. I told him to stop dwelling on when and concentrate on WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO when he gets home.
Even though todays visit went well I'm not letting my guard down I know he can change at the drop of a hat. We all know when they are away the promises from them come so easy only to let us down when they home.
Still hanging on to hope....keep thinking SOMEDAY MAYBE. Have a good day all!!!


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I am glad to hear that the visit went well. I am hoping for you that the future will bring him awareness of what he really needs to do, and he follows through.


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Thanks for the report Tracy. It's good to stand firm and that all in all, the visit went well. I know the anticipation can be hard.