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    I have noticed lately that we often advise each other to record meetings and even conversations with docs, school officials, etc... I know when we were having problems with IEP's it was often frustrating because one thing would be said in the meeting and then it would be denied or changed later.

    It is a LOT easier to find a small voice recorder now than it was even 5 years ago. I know many parents have remarked that they would like to record things but it is hard to find the money for a recorder.

    Today you can get a Sylvania 2GB MP3 player that is also a voice recorder for just $9.99 plus $5 shipping (new, not refurbished) over at www.woot.com . I don't know anything about the model except that it would be awesome to have a recorder that size.

    You could even record a difficult child when you need to be able to really show a therapist or psychiatrist exactly what they are doing. I like this because no one objects if you have your mp3 player with you, esp if you take it off and put it on the table with your keys during a meeting. Then you can record with-o asking permission (I know our schools will NOT have a meeting if you want to record it, even if THEY are recording it. )

    You must check the laws in your state before recording any conversations, though in most states it is legal to record a conversation if you are a participant - even if you do not tell the others that you are recording.

    I just thought that this might be affordable for some of us to record our meetings, kids and our favorite songs!!
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    I use my Mac laptop to inadvertently record meetings. I can hide the application and merely appear to be typing and taking minutes.