waitng now


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I have to wait and it is driving me mad

well since i last posted there has been a few things that has happened,my son has been excluded from school yet again due to his ooh wow behaviour refusing work,swearing,agression etc but we have not signed form under contion that he will behave and do as he is told this has been ongoing for years and we decided time it went higher we know if we sign it will be a few days and he will be excuded again,so we have had two big meetings deciding whats best for our son between schooling and at home
We told the school is not suitable for him they dont have the specialist staff to help in ,he gets anxious dont like change and kicks off due to this not his fault way he is
Puting him in a taxi to a schoolevery day that is 30 miles away was a big no ,oh my goodness hes away that far i would be stressed all time he is away in case he didnt get his taxi home or his behaviour was exteme i dont drive so no as though i can up and go get
The last option is a reidential school which has everything he needs there and everyone at meeting agreed the same,He would get schooling,socialise as he dont here he is picked on as he is diferant does my head in grrrrrrrrr,He with get pscologic help when he needs it they have someone there 24 hrs,behaviour managment,speach and laungage help,anger managment,rewards to events and loads of other things
At home i aint be coping and been very very low,one day social worker cqme out and she saw how bad he was,she got verbal abuse from him then he started hitting me,refuse to listen to anything i said he eventualy calmed down after hr
She said next time she came to visit he needs to be in forter care to give him a break and also us as a fmaily,this is still being decided waiting for a meeting to get funds

Also just heard today we have a huge meeting 1st June for high education to decide what will happen with my son,I am so dreading it as i know at some point my son will leave my home,I realy dont know how i am going to cope and have fears about how this will effect him,will he hate me,will he come home how do you cope when your son is taken away

My hubby says it is to help him and if we do it now fingers crossed he will turn into a loving child again
wished i felt same i feel like i have let him down as a mum


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Have you been able to get him properly assessed for the autism tendencies? Also, how did he score on the informal Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) test on http://www.childbrain.com? It's not officially diagnostic but you can print out the results and take it to whichever medical/health professional people you can see with him.

We were also offered transport to a special school, but for us it would have been 90 minutes each way, when he was 5. Plus he would get car sick every trip. We said no - I do wonder if it was the right decision.

I have a friend whose son was travelling to school and back by taxi, an hour each way. He did very well. They made sure he got his taxi from school and it was door to door service. He's a very bright boy but definitely autistic. Clashing badly with the school, who seem to be taking the approach of "let's be really unpleasant and rigid, that way the kid will eventually leave and go somewhere more appropriate to his needs." What these schools often fail to realise, is there IS nowhere more appropriate.

I hope you can get some support soon. Have you read "The Explosive Child" yet? It might at least make it easier for you at home.

Good to hear from you again, I've been wondering how you were getting on.



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you are a stellar mom. you are willing to suffer pain yourself in order to better your son's future. dont forget that.