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Anyone ever think of Mali g their son/daughter a,ward of the state? Our adopted son done 3.5 years from Ukraine has a drug addiction and has been hospitalized numerous times and put in the state mental hospital twice in the past year. He will be 16 next month and just will not can not stop the drug seeking. He has bipolar, autism, conduct disorder, as He, and the rest of the alphabet. We have tried multiple therapies and treatments with no avail. We have another son and the household is just not healthy.

I don't know what to do. We cannot afford a therapeutic boarding center ourselves or a residential treatment center. We are hoping the state agency we ate working with will help with this, but they are taking forever it seems.

He is not getting better and makes every e miserable.


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Have you asked if you can get a "SED" Waiver for a state medical card? We did not qualify for a medical card as we have private insurance. But, in our state we could apply for it based on our child's needs, and we got extra coverage.

She was in a 28 day treatment program for substance abuse (also has depression, anxiety, ODD and PTSD.

I hope you can find answers. IRS so hard to get our kids the help they need, you might Google SED Waiver and the state you are in.