We are going to a water park today. Wish me luck.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, Aug 16, 2012.

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    My mom is driving. I'm in the passenger seat. The kids are in the back seat creating havoc. So far my son has been aggravating difficult child 1 enough to where she has hit and kicked him. Of course he retaliated and a whole can of orange soda was spilled in the back seat. My mom screamed at me to get control of my children. She is threatening to call the whole thing off. Sometimes I feel like I'm parenting toddlers instead of a teen and preteen. Hopefully once they get there and keep busy they will stop messing with each other. Wish me luck in hopes of a fun filled day and hopefully no more chaos!
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    Good Luck
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    Well they should be nice and tired on the drive back :). I used to take the boys all the time to Raging Waters (am only three freeway exits away) and found it to be excellent for them to let off steam. Believe me the same thing used to happen on our way there

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    One in front, one in back. Splendid idea. I think we will do that on the way home. difficult child 1 is now tall enough that she can go in the front seat. So far both kids are having a great time in the wave pool while I'm working on my tan. Hopefully it stays this way.
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    how did the day go????
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    So far the day is going good. Both difficult children are having a blast. We floated in inner tubes down the river for awhile now my mom and the kids are in the wave pool while I'm sitting with the stuff. Pretty soon my mom and I will trade places then I'll be going back in the water. We still have about an hour and forty five minutes till the park closes. We got here kinda late so I'm sure we'll be staying till closing time. Hoping the kids get good and tired so they sleep good tonight. We have to get up early tomorrow to register difficult child 1 for school.