We are moving to Portsmouth, VA....


husband talked to his detailer in the Navy today and we are getting stationed at Portsmouth (hope im spelling that right). From the little I have seen online, that city doesn't look that appealing...so Im wondering if anyone lives on the outskirts or has before? Can you tell me what are some good areas to live in?
We will be moving in June when school lets out.
Any advice about the base there and community would be more than appreciated!


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Portsmouth is a beautiful area! The whole Chesapeake Bay area is such a wonderful place to live with so many activities for a family. The Navy Base there is fairly large considering it houses the eastern fleet. From everything I have seen of the base, it was quite nice.

I dont know if you will be living in on base housing or accessing area housing with your housing allowance. Not sure what the allowance is there but you can check online on the bases website.

Fishing in that area and boating is wonderful. Va Beach is very close. Not far up the road is Williamsburg, Jamestown and Bush Gardens. About 2 hours from you is the capital city of Richmond and then about 4 hours from you will be Washington Difficult Child. With kids of your kids ages, they will adore living there. I believe you can get military discount passes to Bush Gardens and the nearby water park for the season. It is only like 20 or 30 mins away. The swimming, boating and fishing on the bay is something that would be extremely good for the kids.

I honestly cannot speak highly enough about this area...and no..I dont work for the chamber of commerce there....lol. I grew up in Richmond Va and spent time there. I have also recently vacationed in Portsmouth because of my son who was in the Marines got military hotel vouchers to stay off the Navy base. Lovely side benefits they have...lol.


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Portsmouth on the water is great! The Children's Museum is wonderful. You'll probably spend quite a bit of time in Norfolk, too, and I'd also recommend Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters for your difficult child.
But much of it is run down and... is there any way you can be choosy about where you live? Can you drive around and scope it out b4 you buy/rent?
As Janet said, the area is beautiful and there are a lot of tourist areas to see if you have a car.


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If you can live on base, that may be better. The base housing on Quantico was very nice. I cant remember what your husband is going in as but I think he is going in as an officer so your housing would be officer housing which would be really nice. Yes, they have rules which can be a PITA but its really no more strict than most apartment dwellings. Plus there is the safety factor. It is extremely difficult to get on that base without going through all kinds of stuff...lol.


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NF just spent a year in Portsmouth (he's now back across the bay in Norfolk - getting ready to be deployed). If you do not live on base, make SURE you drive the area at rush hour. NF's biggest complaint was the tunnel, especially when a wreck would close it off for hours.


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Portsmith is part of a large area called Tidewater. It includes Norfolk and Newport News (both big military areas). As with any large urban area, there is the good and bad. The traffice is tough but you are close to some of the most beautiful areas of this country - the northern neck and va beach. And, you will be coming in just as we celebrate the 700th anniversary of the Jamestown Settlement!!