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    Duckie's year-end written report and presentation! First, the written report, she received 4's in all categories!!! :thumbsup: She also received 4's for her presentation, juried by the 4 teachers. Their comments include:

    "Great job taking the initiative to interview an expert! What a great source of information! Cool!"

    "Excellent poster and interview! What a great idea! Very informational, I learned a TON!"

    "Adorable and creative project! Excellent work!"

    "An interview- how COOL! What a great way to get expert information! Fantastic presentation! Good for you!!!"

    Obviously, I'm one proud mama today! :bigsmile: This is a big change over last year because while she received the same grade points, it was like pulling teeth to get her to work on it last year. The difference since handwriting camp and Occupational Therapist (OT) is like night & day. She completely bought into the idea that it was best to do the as much of the work as possible before Spring Break so that she could enjoy herself once the good weather came. :warrior:
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    :bravo: Woo-hoooo! Way to go Duckie and way to go Coach Mom! :bigsmile:
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    Yay, Duckie!
  4. totoro

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    That is so cool! What a nice feeling and it really is nice to be able to actually show our kids that hard work does pay off!
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    Way To Go Duckie!!:bravo::congrats:
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    Woo hoo for Duckie!!!!

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    Awesome job Duckie!!!!!
  8. ML

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    That is fantastic! I'm impressed and proud of her.
  9. Fran

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    Good planning on her part. Way To Go!
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    Way to go, Duckie!!:smug: Way to go, Mom!!:peaceful: