Weather check. Whats it been like in your place?


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80s and HUMID here. Feels hotter. Ick...hate humidity.

A day trip with daughter and het SO on Sunday, in which everyone was hot and shade was scarce, has hubby and me thinking of skipping Arizona when we travel in the RV for cooler states like Texas winters that are more 60/70 ish. 60s and 70s a lot more comfy than sun and 80s.

Whats it been like for you?


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It was brutal here until last Friday. A week ago, it was in the HIGH 90's and low 100's. (We'd all die if it was the high 100's :p ) I snapped a photo of my car's thermometer showing the outside temp at 107 on the 21st. Last Friday, it dropped into the low 80s and it's going to stay that way for at least another week! Thursday, the high is supposed to be 77! I'm just SO HAPPY!

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Last week I was in Williamsburg and one day it was 99 and with the heat index it said it felt like 128 degrees.
Here in Wisconsin, it was also hot from what I was told, however, it is nice now and by Friday they are calling for a high of only 68 degrees which is very unusual for us.


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My son in MO. told me about the extreme heat! Sorry, Lil. Glad it cooled off.

100 in California? I didnt know it got that hot there. Wow. YuK too!!!. I ferl like a total baby. Its mid 80s and humid and I stay in.

128 degrees with the heat index. I dont even know what to say. I guess that would feel a bit like living in an oven.

Thank goodness for air conditioning and I truly pity those who dont have it.