weather related?



Reading all of your posts and resolutions have given me SO much knowledge. Also so much fear. So many things familiar to me. I do have a question though. Five months of cold and snow. So cold they closed school for two days because of the dangerous cold. Does anyone see a relationship between the weather and meltdowns? School seems to think this is related.


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<span style="color: #663366">there is actually a medical term for this phenomonen. it's call SAD ~~~ seasonal affective disorder. it's due to the fact that we all recieve much less exposure to sunlight. the days are shorter & we spend so much more time indoors than out. some have found that the special florescent lights can help. they mimic sunlight.

here's a link about SAD:

and here's some info on the lights:

Oh, sure! Weather and behavior certainly can be related. Besides the SAD phenomenon discussed above, there can be other issues. Some people get headaches (even full-blown migraines) when the barometer pressure rises or falls. The first day of a major weather change, I'll have a nasty little headache, and that certainly affects my moods. Also, certain molds can pop up pretty quickly when it's suddenly moist, and that can cause allergies, which can then cause some behavior issues. Changes in routine (which can occur when there's rain, snow, excessive heat etc) affect behavior, so you can say that's weather-related. Being stuck inside with less exercise and more social stress can do it, too. You have a lot of choices for correlating behavior issues with weather! Good luck sorting it all out!


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Lot of people with BiPolar (BP) will start having an increase in mania or cycling around the begining of spring "March Madness" due to the increase in daylight and longer days... We have sarted out difficult child and husband on light therapy...


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If they're seeing more of it when your difficult child is in school, it's very common for kids to be more wound up during a significant weather change and they just feed off of each other. It could be the atmosphere of the school at the time triggering the meltdown instead of the actual weather.