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LOL, well the other nite we had snowy thunderstorms. Early this morning I was awakened by loud booms of thunder and bright flashes of lightening. It has been t-storming all day.
Spring is here!
(altho I am still not confident that there will not be any more snow)

Happpy Spring!

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It's 68 degrees here today and sunny. I've got my windows open wide and the dogs have been out playing in the yard all day. Molly has to work off her winter chub. :rofl:

After the winter you've had I can't blame you for being snow wary. Hopefully you're done with snow now.


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it is not at all unheard of for us to have snow in March, and occasionally even in April..but our temp was almost 70 today.
The weatehr here can always provide topic for conversation, whether it is the wicked heat spell of 1995 or the weird snow or bitter cold snaps.

I enjoy watching thunderstorms and have done my training to be a severe weather spotter, altho right after that training I got too considering going back now and refresshing and volunteering. I suppose I should be more careful when it is tornado weather.but that weather fascinates me to no end.

At the moment our TV is telling us "watch out" we are having some thunderstorms ongoing this evening, but I am enjoying watching them and am trying to behave myself and not go out walking in it. LOL.