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  1. Kjs

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    well, I work in norhtern Illinois, live in southern Wisconsin. No power in either place due to the power lines coming down with the heavy wet snow. People are not coming to work because of the "blizzard" conditions.

    Everyone becareful. Others without snow.. SMILE.
  2. Sue C

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    They are still saying our area could get up to 12". I agree with Kjs, if you aren't having snow!! (actually, I'm smiling. Melissa is at work. hee hee)

  3. I'm smiling today - because it's sunny and 49 degrees. But we will be getting "your" storm tomorrow. We are only in for a few inches of snow where I live - followed by mixed precip - and then heavy rain. Just a yucky mess!!

    When will this winter ever end?? Are we going to go straight into summer heat??

  4. Sue C

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    Amy -- We were teased with a day in the 70's recently. It felt sooooo good. And then today happens. Weird Wisconsin weather.

  5. I just heard that we are now expected to get a major "Nor'Easter" storm here on Monday!! They are talking MAJOR!! The Boston Marathon is being run on Monday and there is a possibility that it could be canceled for the first time in it's 110 year history!! Aaaaaagghhh!!!

  6. Wiped Out

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    We got a lot of snow here but had school. Surprisingly the roads weren't really that bad for the amount of snow we received.