WebMD topic on bullying

Good article - tm.

I agree with the author about the biggest problem being in the areas where supervision is lacking.

My difficult child#2 has his biggest problems being bullied when he is outside, after school - with hundreds of other kids - waiting for the second busses. There are several teachers outside for the first bus "shift" but once the first busses leave - so do the teachers. There is suppossed to be one aide who waits the half hour for the busses to come back (to pick up the second batch of kids) but my son says she often goes inside because it's "too cold"!!! It's during this half hour that he sees the most bullying - of himself and lots of other kids. I have complained several times - but I am promised that there is adequate supervision. HA!!

Anyway - good article - and lots of links to other good articles.

Thanks tm!