Weekend check in :)


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Happy weekend to you!!!

It's going to be so hot here that hubby and I plan to veg out, except for meeting friends for lunch. We don't do 90+ degrees. Can barely walk the dogs...they don't like being baked either, especially the dog with a shorter snout (he is part shih tzu..probably spelled wrong ).

Jumper will be dropping by sometime this weekend. We need to sneakily pick out a gift for my husband for Father's Day. Probably we will use Amazon.

Have a spectacular weekend, one and all

Wiped Out

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SOTH-Sounds like a nice weekend planned!

I started the day with weighing in at ww and then walked 4.3 miles at a fast pace with my dog. I wanted to get it in before the heat set in. We are suppose to hit 90 degrees today.

Later today I am driving difficult child to his girlfriend's graduation party. I want to do a little shopping along with some napping! So glad school is out for the summer!! I'm ready for summer break even though I will be teaching three weeks and taking 6 credits this summer.


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Doing the usual Saturday thing with daughter and grands. It is hot already. My shih Tzu does not do heat. We tried walking early, but it was too humid for him. The interior of the house is painted. I will probably start to put it back together tonight.


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So far this morning I have spilled iced tea on my shirt. It's definitely iced!

Hubby and I are going out for breakfast - we do every Saturday, same place. Then he has to work, and I'm going to finish Day Three of Islam. I managed to get one review written, and have another to do.

It's only supposed to be around 90 today - really nice for us in June - and I hope I can leave the house open and listen to the neighborhood.

Have a super Saturday!

Scent of Cedar *

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Our 90s never did materialize yesterday. Maybe, low eighties. Today, the weather seems perfect. I did begin the rock garden yesterday. I will be working on it for a little while longer, but I love it, already.

I am cleaning one of the bedroom carpets today, and I am not loving that idea much at all.

I am looking for a kayak.


Wishing a nice day, everybody!



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Well, the day started out pretty good.

Did my hour on the treadmill.

Daughter and I went to a friend's LuLaRoe party (kinda like Tupperware, but with clothes). Spent too much, but got some cute things.

Got home and hubby was digging through the drawer that holds all the manuals for various electronic items. He had been on the treadmill and it stopped and gave him a code so he was trying to find the right manual, and ended up cleaning out the drawer. We had manuals in there from the dark ages, and he went through them and through out most of what was in there (yay).

Found the manual on-line and he is now going out for treadmill lube. Hopefully that will work! I hate to loose it!

I'm waiting for him to get back so that we can work on it.

It is hot and humid here, and not going out if I can help it.

We are thinking of getting kayaks, too, Cedar!


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Run Run Run.
It's Saturday, and there is WAY too much to do.
Have spent a few minutes getting caught up here... and next, it's outside to cut the grass before the rain comes back later today.


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To darn HOT door anything outdoors. Jabber and I went to our local theater groups production of Peter Pan. My co-worker was Hook. It was fun. We grabbed a quick dinner and are now doing nothing. Tomorrow is church. Then I'm taking son to get court clothes. Still trying to nag him into a haircut.

Thinking of @NewLeaf today.