Wee's riding lesson

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    tonight was AWESOME!

    The lady giving the lessons has made so many adaptations for Wee...and its working! She's working with tips from an Occupational Therapist (OT). A month or so ago, I posted about how obvious his motor planning problems were...tonight, he rode that same horse for 15 minutes, mostly at a trot on the rail, with one rein in each hand and totally confident in his seat! He still moves both hands when he goes to pull on one rein, but its not enough to confuse the horse now. He was so proud!

    Also, Friday night, we took his horse to shooting practice just to expose it to the sounds, and he asked to ride. He made one heck of an attempt at a pattern in the arena that night! His horse needs a little refresher course, he wants to hang with his buddies a bit too much, but Wee really handled him and had the courage to even try, which is huge for him.

    And easy child 2/difficult child, who is not a natural in the saddle, is coming along in her skill, too. She even asked to give my horse a whirl friday night, and handled him very well (he's a good boy, he's just not an old trusty yet, like she's used to riding). She did her first pattern Friday night, also. (the kids don't shoot for obvious safety reasons - they just ride the pattern and point a cap gun at the targets.)

    Its fun watching them make progress!
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    Very cool!
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    Awesome possum! That's great!