Welcome Big blue again


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Welcome big blue again, who has graciously offered to help answer insurance questions.

So post your questions and make bigblueagain feel at home.

Thanks Teri, I appreciate your help.


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Great idea, Fran! Thanks, bigblueagain, for offering to host this forum. There are so many issues involved with getting services approved through private insurance, I'm sure this will be very useful!


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Thanks, Terri! This will be a huge help to many, I'm sure. I remember feeling so totally overwhelmed, and had no idea where to turn next. Your insight will be instrumental in helping members. Thanks so much.


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Hi Big Blue. I've encountered so many insurance problems with all members of my family and my difficult child grandson has been denied insurance due to having ADHD and ODD diagnosis at only age 3 (he's 5 now). He was on a medical assistance program called Healthy Families (which was GREAT)...but somehow fell through the cracks. Applied for ins. with Blue Shield and denied (as I said above). At the same time (before the denial) his dad had applied for ins. with a large HMO (Kaiser) and had been accepted. What do folks do for individual ins. for their difficult child's? I don't like being being in an HMO but now feel we'll be stuck where we are forever. Dad doesn't want him on his insurance any longer as he wants Christian to have his own policy (dad has a rare disease and may not live past his 30's).

Your forum will be greatly appreciated by many!

Thank you!!!



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wow- thanks big blue -- this is one of the very best examples of people who have learned a lot through their professional and personal experience helping others -- wish I knew soemthing about insurance -- I would help you -- but in any case thank you temendously


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Congrats Big Blue!

Don't have any insurance questions, but if I do in the future, I'm a headed' your way


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it will be soooooooooooooooo nice to be able to refer people here with-their ins ????s. thanks, teri.


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Good news for the board members! Teri, its nice to see you helping those in distress to "de-stress". Parents have a hard enough time coping with day to day issues with their difficult child's and the insurance headaches must add another level of frustration.

Fortunately, we have been very lucky here in Canada to not have to deal with insurance or HMO's...now government funding is a completely different issue!!!!



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You've been a godsend for me in my insurance battle. We're on second level peer review and also husband's company is taking a look at it.

The insurance company changed hands Dec. 31 so it is even more confusing (different company handling the mental health portion). They can't even figure out how many days are to be credited for specific parts of difficult child's stay! :rolleyes:

You're a terrific resource. Thanks for volunteering. (It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!)