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    Welcome Sabrina3! I've copied and pasted your intro into its own thread so members will notice it and welcome you properly.

    Hello everyone, I am new to this, so be patient with me. I have been fighting for my son for 15 years. I am so exhausted. He is ODD/ADHD, borderline CD. We are so tired of the lies, stealing, arguments, anger towards his siblings. This may be a crazy question, but are there any success stories out there. I would love to hear them.

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    Welcome. Yes there are some success stories and I am sure that once the weekend has passed you will hear firsthand how life got better for many CD family members. Even in our family, we actually had our youngest difficult child graduate from high school this month. When he came to live with us eight years ago or so he was violent in spurts, couldn't sleep, took anything and everything that appealed to him etc. It was hard. Now he has a chance at a future.

    Glad you found us. Just be patient. We all completely understand how it is hard to put one foot in front of the other after dealing with difficult child issues. Hang in there. DDD
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    Welcome from a relative newcomer. I am so thankful I found this group, the only people who know what it's like!
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    Welcome! For me the success stories manifest in "good days". I know that a magic bullet isn't awaiting us and that I need to measure progress in small incremental baby steps. This CD family is a phenomenal source of support and friendship that makes the darkest days brighter and I'm so "glad you found us, but sorry you had to".
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    I dont know if you would call all my kids complete success stories.

    I consider my ADHD son a success story. No he isnt a multi-millionaire who graduated from Harvard then went on to get his MBA from Princeton but he is quite happy and successful in what he has chosen as his career path. He graduated HS then went directly into the Marine Corps where he became a Military Policeman. He served his time there and got his training so that when came out he could get a job in the civilian world with a sheriff's department. He has happily been there for 2 years now as an Animal Control Officer and it is a perfect fit for his personality. He loves his job and his supervisors love him. He is married, has one child with another on the way. He also owns his own house.

    He will be 25 in less than a month.

    Now our youngest son has taken a harder path. He didnt graduate HS and he has been in trouble with the law. He has spent some time in jail and is now on probation. He also has a daughter. It appears he is trying to turn his life around now. He finally has moved out and has his own place and lives with his girlfriend of two years. We are hopeful that things are on the upswing for him. Only time will tell. He is a very good father and his daughter adores him.
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    Hi and welcome, Sabrina (beautiful name) :D.

    My very first question to you is has this child possibly been drinking and using drugs or telling you, "Um, I just TRIED pot." I had a drug addict daughter who DID straighten out big time (very big success story here), but we had a rocky time during her challenging teen years. However, she is a wealth of info on drug users and one thing they tend to do is to tell their parents, "I just smoke pot sometimes." This admission is a big red flag that more is going on, especially if they are displaying intolerable, rude, even violent defiance at home and even more especially if the behavior is either new or escalating.

    I am sorry you have to be here, but we will try hard to support you. My daughter just bought her first house with her boyfriend, and doesn't do drugs or drink anymore (or even smoke cigarettes). She is into organics and natural remedies--she doesn't even like to take Tylenol. She is in college for the second time, and works almost full time while also getting A's in her classes (she is going into Culinary Arts--Pastry Arts--very creative and gifted kid). She and I have a great, loving relationship. She is also not a NeuroSurgeon or rich, but is such a good person and I like her boyfriend too (they have been together seven years). My daughter is going to be 25 next month. She started using drugs at age 12 and stopped at 19. So, yes, kids who are rough can turn it around, if they are motivated to do so. It's not hopeless, but he does need help.