Well Cory has got himself in quite the pickle


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We knew it would finally happen. His antics have finally caught up to him. Now I have no idea if he did this or not but he is in trouble.

Back in late November or early December a condemned house had some aluminum siding stolen off of it. Someone claims they saw Cory and two of his friends do it. They supposedly got the tag number of the car which belongs to his friend. This definitely places the friend at the scene because nobody but nobody drives that friends car. We dont know the exact date or time that this supposedly happened and Cory did work some days during this time. The amount of the theft is estimated at $4000.

Cory was picked up on the warrant today. He posted bond.

What makes this even more ironic is that this warrant has supposedly been active since late December but Cory went and turned himself in for two outstanding warrants for failure to appear in early January and they didnt pop this warrant. Odd. He had court yesterday on those warrants and this didnt pop then either. He got 240 days suspended and supervised probation (finally), community service, and a fine.

The cops tried to get him to confess to this crime just like the do on law and order...lol. He swears he didnt do it. I really dont know. This really doesnt sound like him but what do I know. He tends to be more the shoplifting, stealing from us, stealing gas type of kid. He also tends to admit to what he does to the cops. Like the shoplifting and the fight he got into and even stealing the gas...he admitted it. He pleaded guilty. There is the possibility that it is a case of mistaken identity...there is another kid on our street who looks an awful lot like Cory who hands out with these other two friends.

But...this could be a case where his past behaviors come back to haunt him. He is known for getting in trouble and he will be assumed to be guilty. Of course, one would assume they would need some proof besides just an eye witness but hey...this isnt tv. I dont think we will get forensic evidence or a jury trial...lol. He will be lucky to get much of a defense.

He goes tomorrow for what I assume is the pretrial hearing and to ask for a court appointment lawyer. I guess this will be when he can find out when this happened. He has told the other two guys they better turn themselves in because the cops told him that if they had to hunt them down their bond would be even higher than what Corys was. They seem to want to deny any involvement even the guy whose car was seen. That should be hard to explain away. What I dont get is why the cops havent picked them up yet...its not like we live in a large city and they cant find them...they have lived in the same place their entire lives! If someone sneezes here everyone knows it.

Oh well...


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Janet, can he not REQUEST a jury trial? It seems like he should be able to do this. I hope he gets a decent attorney. If the others involved have a friend who looks a lot like Cory, and if all they have is that one person says they saw "Cory", at least they have something to go on.

This all sounds very familiar to me. My old house in the country had aluminum siding. When I moved, I had the place up for sale, mostly for the value of the land because the house was too run down to be worth fixing up. This house was right on the main road that my "wonderful neighbors :tongue:" traveled every day. And not ONE of my "wonderful neighbors :tongue:" saw the people in trucks who drove around to the back side of the house and removed every last bit of the siding from the back and sides of the house! It must have taken the better part of the day! Basically, by the time the place sold, every last bit of salvagable materials left on the house had been stolen! The siding, knotty pine paneling, the plumbing fixtures. The police would have done NOTHING! It was a waste of my time reporting it, because my "wonderful FORMER neighbors :tongue:" were apparently all struck blind while this was happening! It still amazes me how the nosiest people on the face of the earth managed to miss all of this! Thanks folks!


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Isn't it always something???? Hopefully if it wasn't him he can prove it. Like you said though, this maybe a case where his past comes back to bite him in the you know what, if he can't figure out a way to prove it wasn't him. These kids just don't understand the kind of reputation they build for themselves and how long it will follow them.

And you had some peace and quiet for awhile!!


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But...this could be a case where his past behaviors come back to haunt him. He is known for getting in trouble and he will be assumed to be guilty

[/ QUOTE ]

I was thinking the same thing as I was reading your post, Janet. He has a history of theft and this is theft on a grander scale so the stretch wouldn't be that much.

I'm really sorry. If he's innocent I hope he can find a good attorney who will help him prove it. If he's guilty, I hope this is the time that he learns his lesson. Either way, it must be very frustrating and difficult for you.


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Hi Janet,

I sure hope the truth will come out.

Way back when Angela lived at home and was into drugs (around age 16), the cops came to our door and said Angela and a friend had stolen a paddle boat. We had to tell them over and over and over that she was grounded and we both were home with her at the alleged time that some neighbor said they saw her and another girl take it. Made me mad that the cops would assume her guilty!! I know exactly how you feel.

If Cory did not do this, I hope the truth will become known! And I hope he stays on the straight and narrow path.

Take care,


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I am so disheartened to hear this Janet. sometimes the kids think they are teflon til it bites them in the behind. I hope Cory gets a fair shake.


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Geez...you spend 18 years telling your kids that one day their actions will catch up with them and they don't believe you until it happens.

I hope he gets things straightened out.



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I hope he does too. I am getting very good at looking at things from a bit of a distance I think. Am I worried for him? Sure. But am I going to work myself into a tizzy proclaiming his innocence to all and sundry and get mad at the world? Nope.

I actually pretty much was sarcastic with him and told him he brought this all on himself by hanging out with the wrong people. Go to bed with dogs you wake up with fleas. I simply let him handle this crap by himself. I didnt go get him from jail...having no phone is a wonderful thing...lol. I didnt go with him to court this morning. I assume he will tell me sometime what happened.

I may or may not go to court during the main trial. I dont know. Depends on my mood. I dont know if I will go visit him in jail if he goes.

I have told him for years that his actions have consequences and if he didnt listen...oh well. I tried. We always said he would probably have to serve some time to learn this lesson. Maybe this is what it takes.


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I'm so sorry. I really hope he does straighten it out. If he did or didn't, maybe this will be his turning point and he'll wake up.


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You've got my sympathy. It is so darn frustrating! We live
in a small community also and the warrants can go for months
without being served. Why? I have no idea why the police
sit under the shade trees waiting for speeders when a few
houses down is the home of someone with an outstanding warrant.

LOL. I learned something just today about warrants. An old
friend of easy child/difficult child has an outstanding warrant. He is trying to avoid the police to the best of his ability. I asked my
kid today "Why doesn't he go ahead and turn himself in? It
has got to be nervewracking waiting for a cop to show up at
the door!"

Turns out..lol..if you turn yourself in they do a strip search. If they pick you up on a warrant, they don't!
Go figure! DDD :rofl:


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Well DDD...I will have to ask Cory if they have ever strip searched him!

As an aside from my sordid past...I have been arrested back in the day and they did strip search me, delouse me and throw me in the holding cell. Scared the tea total wee wee out of me.