Well he wasnt gone long


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Well my reprieve didnt last long!

Hospital didnt keep him long. Obviously he was able to bs his way past the inpatient doctor. Im really wondering who it was because if it happened to be the same idiot who I have seen at my clinic then Im really not surprised...lol.

But anyway, I just got the call that they are discharging him into MY care. How lovely. He also has follow up appointments at the same place I go to for therapy. Again...how lovely...lol. This is the place he blew off before. He better not blow it off this time or I will have him committed again. I think he may be scared enough and/or stupid enough to believe that they have made me his guardian now so that he will go where I tell him to go and follow my rules. He can be a bit gullible sometimes. They told him he needs a guardian now since he pulled this stunt. Since no one has told me to go to court, I dont think they mean legally but he doesnt know this. I plan to keep it that way. If he thinks we have the ability to tell him what to do, he behaves better for some reason. Why this works now and not when he was underage is anyones guess.

So the hospital is contacting the mental health clinic and setting up appointments. I have a therapy appointment today at 3 so I am picking him up right before then and will take him with me. The clinic can check him out then too. LOL. Wont they be thrilled.


I need an increase in medications.


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Sounds like a medication increase indeed!!! I am sorry they released him so fast, hopefully he will keep believing you guy's are in charge for awhile!!!

Good luck today...


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I'm confused. They released him to you without your permission or any discussion as to how you felt about that? Just poof, he's all yours?

Either way, I hope he continues to go to treatment and that things are better this time around. Good luck!


Man, he is the teflon kid, isn't he? Nothing sticks to that boy.

by the way, as he is over 18, did they bother to ASK you prior to releasing him into YOUR custody? Oh, and yeah, I'd be playing that trump card with him to the hilt.

I say you tell your psychiatrist that you are parking yourself in his office and will not move until you get a rx for anxiety medications. Either that or he can go home and deal with Cory. :rofl:

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Cory's gullibility just might work in your favor. Hmmmm. I wonder if he's feeling so out of control at the moment that he might be "willing" to hand over the reins to you for awhile. It could explain his cooperation with this as an adult when he fought so hard against it as a kid. By accepting that you're his guardian now, he can let you take over without loosing face so to speak.

Keeping fingers crossed they get a good treatment plan in place and he cooperates.

I'm also wondering how they released him into your custody without consulting you first. You should have at the very least been asked if you wanted to assume the responsibility.

Holding good thoughts.



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Sounds to me like they just don't want to mess with him, at either the hospital or court system......unbelieveable.....hoping you have the new car keys locked up! Just kidding....hope your health can hold out thru this.....