Well, I found out something that could help difficult child

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    I spoke briefly on the phone with- an attny here today and he told me that it would have to be the last jurisdiction to hear this case re difficult child; even though I'd been told difficult child's case was closed they can, and only they can, reopen it. So I called the clerk at the old jurisdiction to see if that was correct and find out process and to see if a judge's order could/would be enforced by PO here- all POs work for the state Department of Juvenile Justice, officially, but are assigned to specific court jurisdictions so I'm not sure how that works. The clerk told me yes, it would need to be reviewed there but according to this person (who I know isn't the most experienced one there because I would have recognized the voice of the one who's up on all the rules there), she said call Mr. XXX (who was difficult child's PO last time he was released from Department of Juvenile Justice). Now, since English clearly wasn't this woman's native language, I said I thought she must have misunderstood- difficult child has been assigned to a different PO in this jurisdiction because I moved and Mr. XXX was his PO before this last conviction. She said that she did understand that but he had been the PO to bring forth those charges on difficult child to the court, therefore, he could help me get it reviewed. Uhmmm....maybe. I have a call into both difficult child's old def attny from that jurisdiction and that PO (Mr. XXX). I don't know if either will call me back though because they both think this has been over for a long time and I have moved so they have no part in it anymore. Maybe I should put a call into that GAL, too, and hopefully, if the case gets reviewed, that GAL could "take ownership" before that first horrid GAL tries to jump back in.

    If the PO from lsat jurisdiction (the one after difficult child was released the first time), and the GAL from last court appearance were involved at a hearing on all this, it could be immensely helpful. Only a judge from that jurisdiction can override Department of Juvenile Justice's decisions re difficult child.
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