Well - I Guess I've Figured it Out...

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    ...and it stinks!

    Called our caseworker this am to ask, basically, WTH is going on???

    Here's the explanation:

    After our meeting, state people (caseworker and Regional Manager) were waiting to hear back from County MH regarding a referral to Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

    County MH had a meeting amongst their own people - don't know the details of that meeting but it seems to me there must have been some discussion about avoiding financial liability for the non-Medicaid portion of the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) costs.

    When RM contacted head of County MH to find out about the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) recommendation - RM was informed that County MH has decided that difficult child is not a candidate for Residential Treatment Center (RTC) because her diagnosis is "behavioral". County says they will refer difficult child to their own behavior-mod person who will come out to the house and teach the parents some skills to handle difficult child's behaviors.

    As far as state people are concerned, treatment decisions should be made by County MH. If County MH thinks this is a good solution and County MH seems to be handling things - the state is satisfied that our needs are being met and our case can be closed.

    I asked what about respite and life skills and all those other things the caseworker had mentioned when we met with her in December?

    I was told - they only offer those things to families in crisis...and our family is NOT in crisis because County MH is treating difficult child and is able to meet all of her needs.

    O, and you'll love this one...

    If I am not satisfied or don't quite understand this - caseworker says I should contact an advocacy group. To find an advocate? She recommends I contact County MH - they have the "official list".

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    Circular logic. I'd be writing a letter to state people pointing out that by their own definitions, if County say everything is fine, even when you feel it is not, that you have absolutely no recourse and no way to indicate that you are, in fact, still in crisis. Letting a cash-strapped Country set the rules and put stuff in place that has already been shown to be inadequate - in fact, accepting that it's OK for them to have meetings about how to help your child, when you are not there to give vital input - it shows a serious conflict of interest as well as actually preventing you getting access to the help you so desperately need.

    But of course, tis works on financial levels and on paperwork levels. Meanwhile, kids are going down the gurgler for lack of services.

    List the specific problems you have and demonstrate why the services promised (such as teaching you skills to handle hr better) just will not work. You've already tried these, as they would know if they had involved you in their meetings.

    As for telling you to go to the very people you need an advocate to lobby with, to get the names of possible advocates - that is just plain lunacy. It is also the final proof that the people telling you this KNOW that they are using circular logic and you are being shafted.

    CC the letter to your congressman, your local paper and 60 Minutes.

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    Yes, I have a problem with your office, so could you give me the name of someone who can make your work life absolute he!!?

    Gee Z. Pete.
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    DF...there is a paragraph at the bottom of every form letter sent out to you with decisions about your requests, applications, whatever it is you ask for. It is telling you how to appeal what you have been denied.

    Do not take this sitting down. Go to appeals. You probably have 45 or 60 days to appeal this denial. Just appeal it up the chain of command.

    I got a letter when I was terminated from services from my mental health community group because they couldnt get funding for my level of care anymore. It told me exactly how to appeal it. I didnt because I was more than aware I was fighting a huge issue that I dont think I am up for at this moment. (Medicare and LPC funding at the congressional level) Cant you just see me fighting at the US Congress...lol. maybe someday...lmao.

    I would take what they are offering right now but keep that appeal process in play. Keep appealing. Never stop.
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    That's what they do in this state, too. And it would be worse if she was on probation or parole- that's when MH lets the PO make the final decision- even about MH treatment or MH needs.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    RM has a boss - and that boss has a boss - Her name is Nikki Haley.

    I would call her office, make an appointment -

    I would take ALL of my files, explain how long you have been fighting to get your daughter into a place where she can get the APPROPRIATE help. That some college-level student coming out to your house 1x a week to help you or your daughter is NOT going to get 'IT'.

    WHILE waiting for Haleys office -

    I would tell RM - that you would LIKE for them to CONSIDER keepin your daughters case OPEN with the state - BECAUSE you feel at this point - it took so long to get on with them, AND you feel that this MH worker in the house is NOT going to be the solution. Would they please consider not closing your case, in the event that this does not work - and what is THEIR plan B? Both through MH and through the State - SHOULD THIS PLAN NOT WORK.

    I would want to know BOTH places answers to that. Surely they have a thought -

    Keep your foot in the door -

    And can't they file a Katie Beckett Waiver for the Medicaid portion?
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    She has medicaid...so getting more medicaid isnt going to be the answer. There is no more to medicaid..you either have it or you dont. You cant get more.

    Keeping the appeal open is an absolute must. Dont let that time frame close. As long as you fill in that appeal form they cannot close the state case. Its like if you get food stamps and they tell you that your case is being closed because you are over income but you decide to appeal it, well you can check the box on there and send it in and tell them you want to appeal and keep your stamps coming but that if you are found ineligible you may have to pay the stamps back. In this case, you just want the state to keep the case open while you appeal their decision.

    I dont think you want to go to Nikki Haley though. You want to go to the Head of Health and Human Services if that is what it is called in SC. It may be called Dept of Family Services. Whatever branch both DSS and Mental Health fall under. You want to go the step above mental health and social services. At some point they collide together into one state agency.
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    The worst part of this is that NOW I can see where I've been foolish over the years...

    Each time I found a "kill list" or disturbing drawing or journal entries or notes about killing people - I've brought it straight to the doctor/hospital/therapist difficult child was seeing at the time. I brought the originals, so they could see it in her own handwriting. I never thought to make copies...

    And then the docs would declare a "Fresh Start" and tell me that difficult child won't be doing these things any more...and as part of the "Fresh Start" the doctor would tear up the note/drawing/list and throw it out as a sign of a 'clean slate'...and I was so hopeful - so trusting (cause after all, who wants to believe that their child is really having these kinds of thoughts?)...and I would believe that we really were on a new path...that THIS time, difficult child was getting the help she needed.

    And now I see

    Now I see why we can't have any of those things as part of the "official record"
    Now I see why docs tell me things verbally - but never get around to noting it in the chart
    Now I see why there is such a delay in getting written notification of anything and everything

    I am a fool.

    Of course County MH can tell the state it's "behavioral"....that's how they've prepared difficult child's chart. They've been keeping the records to protect themselves all this time.

    And to show that Mom doesn't know what she's talking about...

    And yes, I told caseworker that we did NOT want our case closed....and I *think* I have to sign paperwork when the case is officially closed. But, like everything else, that may not be what happens in real life. I may get a letter a month from now, bearing today's date, stating that the case was closed...

    Thank you for playing. We're sorry you didn't win anything.
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    They tore up the papers? WTH? That would have never happened in a million years here. Heck, I actually read Cory's sped chart one time and it had listed every time he went to school and there was even a speck of dirt on him or he said something off the wall. Ive seen Jamie's pediatric medical record and it lists "parent concerned because son wet bed twice in one week at age six". That carried over to the military...lol. Careful what you tell your kids pediatricians when young...lol.

    I have seen the thickness of Cory's mental health records from childhood. They used binders. 4" thick binders. He had 5 of them the last I counted. Maybe more by now. They darn sure didnt throw out anything. Of course, he started at 4 and was in mental health continuously until age 17.