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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by klmno, Dec 27, 2011.

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    on my long term goal of advocating for better services for difficult children who are declared delinquents in this state. I called the board overseeing MH licensing and found that yes, the people paid for by Department of Juvenile Justice are exempt from licensure requirements and board standards. However, the agency of social workers are fighting, and have won, the right that no one can claim to be a social worker if they aren't licensed as one. The lady also gave me 2 websites to file a complaint- apparently those people who are licensed MH profs aren't too happy aout this exemption either and not only does it hurt their business, they understand how it deters people from seeking 'real' MH treatment if they've been told that some of the koi presented by an unqualified person is therapy. Also, I mentioned that even if a so-called behavior counselor doesn't have to be a MH prof, shouldn't there at least be some min standard? And if this is all an agency is providing, then shouldn't it be a requirement that csu, parents, whomever, are told the truth about what they are qualified to do instead of being lead to believe that they can and do give traditional therapy? Oh she definnitely agreed and according to her, all MH profs agree.

    So I consider this to be a kick-off to my long term mission!
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    Good for you!!! I am glad to hear you are putting some of your recent experiences and your energy into trying to make a real difference for ALL difficult child's. You go girl!!!
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    Excellent! Could you share websites so I can find similar ones here?
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    Way to go!
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    ehausted- I'll pm you-

    thank you, Ladies! Please wish me luck! It won't help my difficult child but maybe it could help one of our grandchildren or some future difficult child/parent or just save taxpayers some dollars.
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    THis is amazing! It is how amber alterts started etc. By ticked off mommies!
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    LOL! Yeah, ticked off mommies have actually gotten a lot of changes in this country in the past, as I'm sure you know already. thank you for your support!
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    Way To Go klmno!!